Clones or Seeds

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  1. Ican get blueberry clones in town for 20 bucks a piece or get 10 Berrybomb seeds for about 50 bucks all together
  2. How many plants do you want to grow?

    If you only want to grow a couple...go with clones. Hell I would go with clones anyways but 20 bucks is heinous. I buy 6 for $50!
  3. It depends on your goals.

    1. Are you growing indoor or outdoor.

    2. Clones once you get them established you can start flowering them automaticaly.

    3. Seed have to go through the stages. Germination, Seedling Stage, Veg Stage, and Flowering.

    It all depends on your goals. If you are growing outdoor I hear tell that seeds prduce more bud then weed grown from clones.

    The more info you give us the more we can help.
  4. I'm growing indoors. One under lst in a mid size pc grow box. I already have it furnished completely. And three more in a bigger box I am starting today.

    Maybe for now get two clones for lst in the pc case. Then wait for my seeds for the big box.
  5. You can always make clones your self also.
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    go for the blueberry, its an awesome strain and super easy to clone, so you should have no trouble perpetuating your grow.

    -good luck

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