clones or seeds?

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  1. HI ALL!
    need an advice...
    which is the best way of getting 100-120 girls ?
    my friend can bring me some clones from holland,but how can I know how many of them do I need
    As I understand the way should be: Get clones,grow them(as mothers),make 100-120 cuttings(clones) and that's it.
    so how many mothers do I need to make 100-120 clones

    WOODY I read u grow about 100 girls,but how do u get them?
    Another question:My good friend in holland says he can get me some bomb seeds which give ~80-100grams per plant but they cost from20 to 50euro for 1 seed.(no garranty it will be girls)
    what do u think about that?

    Thanks for all da answers

    Respect to all growers over the world!
  2. Well that all depends on how big you let your mother plants get.... and remember it's easier to take clones from a plant in a vegetative phase. The cuttings for clones need not be that big. They only need to have a few leaves on them.. and if space allowed, you could concievablely get most of those clones that you want from one plant. But that would make for a huge plant.. again space permitting.... but I think you could accomplish what your trying to do with, I don't know how big a space you have, but i think ten plants should provide enough clones for you.

    As to the second part... you could buy the seeds, find a female, and make all the clones you want from her. So you don't have to buy as many seeds... but do the seeds give predictable results? Is one plant going to be more potent than the other?
    The best thing to do is clone what you like to smoke. You can smoke the same plant for the rest of your life if you liked the high from it. Go to Holland, sample lots of pot, and buy clones or seeds that you like. Hope this helps....
    Peace, love, and bigger buds,

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