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  1. Hey guys, I needed to ask ask the experts about my cloning problem so here goes. I have ten clones in rockwool I cloned two weeks ago in a mosture dome under florecents, I also have ten more I cloned one week ago just incase the first ten didn't take and so far it ain't lookin good, I used clean shit made ok cuts and used a good rooting hormone and after the first week the clones were looking good, but by the second week the edges all turned yellow and I pulled a few out of the rockwool and no long root grew, just a weird formation that looked like an elephants foot, is this normal should I do something different with this next patch like put them in soil, or put under H.I.D. I'm really worried because if these don't work then I'm done because my others have all flowered already no more fresh clones.
  2. Hey there. I have zero experience cloning with rockwool, but from what I've read it can be pretty easy to overwater it, killing your clones.

    Soil looks pretty simple, especially if you're used to growing in soil already. Aero cloners look really cool, I'd like to try one on my next round.

    My first batch of clones are 12 days old today, and all of them have a great system of roots developing. 8 for 8, 100% success. I used a bubble cloner. For me it was very easy to use. I just filled the cloner with tap water, let it evaporate for 48 hours (bubbled during that time as well), adjusted the pH, and took my cuttings.

    So my reccomendation is to perhaps try another method if you're able to take a few more cuttings. Either soil, aero, or bubble.

    Do you have any pics you can post up? Perhaps some folks who have used rockwool successfully can share their two cents.
  3. Hey thanks for the response, u mentioned adjusting the ph what do you adjust it to and when do you start adding the nutrients?
  4. I use rockwool plugs and Clone-X gel for my clones along with a touch of Advanced Nutrients Jump Start and have had great luck. I would cut whatever nutrient you are using in half to start off. It takes very little beyond the rooting compound to make them grow. I have had the situation you are describing happen many times and it usually comes down to a water issue. You need to make sure your plugs are high enough above the water so they can't wick up from underneath and you also have to make sure they dont go bone dry. I find that I usually add just enough water to get them soaked every few days and they work great. I think your clones should turn around for you, I have had a lot of near-death clones that make a rebound. Odly those ones usually end up being the stronger plants.. no idea there
  5. Thanks for the advice, I wasn't using anything other then clonex gel and then water everyday and I think that was my problem there was an inch of water the bottoms sat in and they were always soaked, if anyone else has any helpful information I'd really appreciate it
  6. Yeah that was your problem i'll bet. Been there killed that lol
  7. To adjust the pH of the water I just use GH pH up and GH pH down. They're available at most hydro shops, and your local garden center/nursery will prolly have something along those lines as well.

    I didn't add nutrients until day 10 or 11. Up to that point, I just used pH'd tap water that had been bubbled and sat out for 48 hours to allow the cholrine to evaporate. When I did add, I used Lucas forumla for vegging, and I did about 1/2 strength.

    As Hogg said, it sounds like you're just overwatering your rockwool. You'll get it if you keep trying! :)

    Happy cloning.
  8. If you are making clones and putting them in domes you shouldn't have to water them for 3-5 days. Don't even take the tops of the domes off. As long as you see condensation at the tops of the domes you'll be alright.

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