Clones not rooting?

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  1. Hey All,

    I set out on my second attempt at cloning a couple of weeks ag and am having some issues.

    My first attempt was to pull clones from a couple of girls that I had grown from seed in order to grow a couple of mother plants for future cloning. I took 4 cuttings(2 of each strain) following instructions found here, dipped the base in rooting powder and then placed them in pots of damp coco. Three of the four flourished and are destined to be mothers of future grows.

    Second attempt:

    12 cuts dipped in cloning powder and placed in a homemade rapid cloner on a timer 15 on / 30 off.

    Lights: Mixed CFLs 2700k & 6400k 3' above and offset to the side. Light to the clones is partly shaded by mothers in same tent.

    10 days in the tops of the clones are looking perky & healthy but no roots.

    Day 12 pump died and leaves began to droop rapidly. Pump replaced, watch & see. Rapid recovery. Within 24 hours the leaves have recovered.

    Day 16: All but one of the clones looks good on top. One has some yellowing. No visible roots.

    Trying to figure out why I checked water level, PH, air temp and RH.

    Potential problem: Weather has gotten fairlyy cold over the last few weeks and while temps in the tent are mid 70s mid day lights on they are droppong to low 50s at night lights out.

    Could the low nightime tent be the issue? As these cuts are 2+ weeks old should I keep trying or should I toss them and start over? Or perhaps: Recut or scrape the ends to expose fresh cambium (sp?) ??

    Thanks All.

  2. If the leaves have perked up again then skmething is working. Some times clones take up to three weeks to root. If the plants start dropping or dieing I would be concerned but otherwise if they are still looking healthy I would wait it out
  3. if they are alive then they will root if they look sickly then toss em

    make sure u clean ur cloner with peroxide or bleach after each group of clones
  4. I use peat pucks with roots showing at around 4-7 days, one time I had roots at 3 days. warming the underneath will speed things up greatly. I dislike rooting powders as powder has a drying effect, I prefer to use gel. it may be worth mixing the powder with a small amount of water to make a thin paste, although I have never tried this. I use clonex and never get problems

    if your plants, although do seem to be taking along time are alive so its probably just a case of waiting longer
  5. Thanks All for the input.

    I will let them be and see how they go. I may try rockwool next time around.

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