clones looking bonita!

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  1. Alright so this is my second year growing and my first time with clones. they look really good im just bummed they arent bigger. They are already in there preflower state and im wondering should i transfer them to larger pots or will this stress them out? id transfer them to like a 5 gallon bucket size. any tips or advice would be great. the pictures were taken indoors just for better lighting even though some of the pics still came out shitty :D

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  2. what size pots are they in now? I'd say transplant. ii do not believe you will stress it out too bad as long as you do it carefully and gently.:) those are some beautiful plants right there. what strain is it?
  3. thanks man they are in 1 gallon pots right now, and im with you i think they will be fine being transplanted. the strain is called shaman ,its a hybrid a cross between dutch passion; purple #1 and skunk.
  4. they should cause no trouble being transplanted.keep us updated!:)
  5. transplant asap. Your plants need more room for root growth 1 gallaon is not nearly big enough.

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