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  1. Hello there everyone,

    So as this is my first time, wanted to put up a pic of my first day, and to ask if anyone has some info/advice, etc.

    Okay, so what I have are 2 bubble buckets (no nutes right now, just H2O @ 6.1 PH)

    Light is MH 400W

    Temp is around 81
    Humid about 49%

    The pics are about 18 hours after transplant. The one with the leaves doing more curling is a Strawberry Cough (or Kush?) the other is an AK47.

    Came from a bubble cloner under LEDs (18/6, not sure about other data, came from a friend)

    What do you all think? I'll add more data at my lunch break :)

    Oh, I put another basket over the one curling to give it a little shade.

    Oh and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the issues with changing the times of your 18/6. I'm not sure when they where on and off while cloneing. So what are the possible bad things that could happen if I'm choosing a totally different 18/6 on off?

    Hey, Thank you everyone!



  2. sorry- no help on the hydro. on the light set off time during day. keeps room cooler. in summer it might help.;)
  3. Did these cuts have a decent set of roots when you got them? The limp leaf looks sort of like how my fresh cuts do before they have made roots.

    As long as you keep them on 18/6 any change in the transition from one light cycle to the other should not hurt the plant to much. However you might want to keep the HID a little farther back than whats in the picture. If it was clone under led then im sure the MH you have it under is very intense in comparison, you can gradually bring it back closer once the plant perks up and starts taking in the light in water in a healthy manner.

    Since the plant they once belong to was already being fed at full strength,
    rooted clones are usually already mature enough to handle nutes. If these cuts have a decent set of roots you can feed them lightly at least. If not stick to the pure water until they develope decent roots.

    Makre sure that water level has the roots partially submerged.
  4. Thank you guys, Southern, There were some roots around the base and one main root reaching down to the water, I juuuust slightly lowered the ph, brought the water level up to right under the basket, it is getting warm in there, another fan will be added tomorrow, and took out a bunch of hydroton. We'll see in the morning, Sorry for the robot post, brain....shutting....down. sleep.
  5. Hey there y'all, thanks for the info and tips.

    After getting some fans on the guys, taking out some hydroton, bring H2O to right up under the basket, and raising the light a tiny bit too, I think they are looking a bit better.

    The StrawB still has a couple of curled leaves. I'm thinking that either I have to bring the PH down a wee bit more (keep creeping back up to 6.5) I may do that just by adding Nuets to the mix, it's still just water.

    The roots on the AK did a BLAM-O in one 24 hour period. For both of them, they had some root growth, with one main root going down into the H2O. For the AK, that main root is now full of offshoots of new roots (YEAH!) the StrawB main root didn't do that. But it looks like a new main root is now on it's way down into the H2O. Hopefully when that reaches it will start sucking up more H2O and perk her up a bit.

    I think I'll add nuets to the AK tonight, she seems ready. The StrawB might have to wait to see what that new main root does.

    The leaves that curled on the StrawB may never recover, or there is still a problem. I'm hoping she just perks up soon on her own. I don't want to chase the PH Dragon quite yet.

    So to SouthrnSmoke and blkwhtdog, a BIG "Thank You".

    The buckets themselves are silver taped. Just the lids are black. But I'm thinking I'll cover the lids too, as the leaves rest on the lids as they are growing up. The air pump, move it out. Yeah, good idea, I'll get some more tubing today.

    I found that it's only in the 80-84 degree range right under the light. The "atmospheric temp" of the cab seems to say in the high 70's at the peak. But with fans added to the "canopy" if you can call it that at this point, should take care of that issue.

    There's no rockwool involved. The clones where rooted in a DIY bubbler cloner.

    The main root for each was about oh I'd say 3 inches long when transplanted.

    Here are some pics from today. Not much in changes. Weird effect on the netbook webcam. I guess it's because these lights pulse, makes it look like I took a picture of a tv screen. Let's see what happens when I get home tonight.

    Cheers big ears!




  6. I went through this with some young ones that went right into DWC. Mine were quite a bit younger than yours, but I top watered them with water from the bucket twice a day. That seemed to help...

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