clones/humidity dome/when to transplant????

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  1. hey gc. i just had one of my clones root yesterday in my diy cloner. my question is how long should i leave her under the humiduty dome? also how long should i wait before i transplant her? ive been searching for these answers but cant seem to find a difinitive answer. so any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks.(sorry bout the blurry pic)

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  2. a general rule is whenever you start to see nice white healthy roots they are ready to be transplanted.

    goodluck. :wave:
  3. thanks for the tip yourhighness. would you say the one in the pic is good to transplant?
  4. if you notice the leaves are drooping just folar feed. use a lil sprits bottle with 1/4 strenght nutes in it and just sprits the leaves daily untill you notice the leaves look healthier.

    i did not use a dome, i did not put nutes in my water, i never got bright yellow leaves and i have really healthy bushy clones!!!

    all i used was jumpstart and i used it to folar feed!
  5. i'd go for the transplant.
  6. ok ill transplantg today. thanks alot,
  7. thanks for the tip chick. i have actually been foliar feeding with 1/4 strength nutes since i took the cuttings so i will continue that untill she looks healthier.

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