Clones... how long will they live?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by evilweed, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Hello this is my first post :eek:

    I was wondering How long a clone will live until I can get it in a cloner?
    Im getting some clones but its 4 or more hrs from where i live and my cloner might be a day or two getting to me in the mail.
    Any tips? Should I put the clones tips in water and wish for the best?:eek:
    What would give me the greatest odds of my girls making it, I down want to hurt them.:(
    Thanks for the help!! this forum rocks!! :metal:
  2. Are they in soil or rockwool cubes now? They need to be put into some sort of medium almost immediately or they will just die. If they are in rockwool you'll need to feed them a very light amount amount of nutes. If there in soil cups they'll be fine for a couple weeks.
  3. Thanks for the fast response! wow. They are still on the plants now. so if I put them in cups of soil, They will be fine when I transplant them into the cloner? Do have any tips on the transplant and/or what kind of soil (brands,fert,etc.) to start my clones in.?
    Thanks again!
  4. hey dude if you've not actually taken the clones yet & they still on the plant wouldnt it make sence to just wait & then take the clones when u have your equiptment?
  5. That would be just to easy though lol! Well my prob this is a friend of a friend and he is a busy man, Im going over there Im going over to help with tying buds up on his grow. Its also a 4hr drive, 8 hr round trip so I dont want to do more then I have to.
    He said he's got some free clones so im gona take em I just dont want them to die.
  6. oh fair enough lol

    4got to say welcome to GC
  7. If you want to move them into a cloner later, I'd really suggest just putting them in a cup of water.

    The main thing is not to let air get to the cut part of the stem, and keep them hydrated. Putting them in a cup of water that you change a couple of times a day should hold you over until your cloner arrives. You also might want to consider putting a gallon zip lock bag over your cup to help retain moisture.

    For that matter, I've rooted clones using nothing more than a cup of water, the cloner just does it faster and with a higher rate of success.
  8. Cool deal thanks for the info on cups of water also, this forum has to be the greatest thing ever.


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