Clones haven't rooted yet. Problem?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by silent1, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. I took some cuttings from my mother plant on Nov 4. I made diagonal cuts and put them in plastic opaque cups with just water under some fluoros. I dipped the cuttings in some root hormone (powder) prior to placing them i n the water. Note that I took the cuttings when the mother was about 9 days into flowering.

    The cuttings look very healthy for the most part. About 4 days after I cut them, some started flowering. So I upped the photoperiod to 24/0 instead of 18/6.

    It's day 11, and I still have no roots on any of the plants. Could the fact that the mother was just starting to flower be the cause? And will my cuttings ever show roots?
  2. Yeah, I figured it would be a matter of time before they rooted. I just had no idea how long it would take as this is my first time growing cuttings. But they are far from dying with no signs of yellowing, so I left them alone for now.

    Oh, and ambient temp is about 74 degrees on average.
  3. you are fine, i bet day after tomorrow root budz. its like one day they are not there and then BAM! youre good man as long as those flowers are still growing, you shouldnt worry.
  4. you should try cutting scarification and instead of rooting in water... dip the end in rooting hormones and put in soil, vermiculite/perlite, or a jiffy pellet.... and keep the humidity very high and mist at least once a day.....
  5. great advice on the scraping bit there, also, i highly recomend that people take cuttings during flower 10-20 days. The clones take longer to root, but are healthier and branchier in the end. Hold on you will be ok.
  6. I think your problem is the cuttings ends are getting light and roots wont grow in the light. Cut out a circle of plastic or cardboard and have a hole in the center for the clone. Cut a slit from the outside to the hole in the center so you can pull the clone off the light blocker without messing up the root tips.
  7. if you must root in water (personally i cant get anyhting to root in water, but thats just me) make the cardboard light blocker (i would recoment making one ot of plastic, like get an old DVD case and cut out a circle witha razor blade and use it)... and i would also suggest you paint your cup black, unless it is already dark enough to let in no light.;)
  8. Dude, bag that water and just stick it in some moist soil. Thats all i do and it works fine.

    Ive cloned tomatoes in clear cups that light hits the roots. They clone real easy though, don't even need any hormone, but thats tomatoes.

    Maybe ill try some water next time for the hell of it.
  9. and i dont think you should root under 24/0.
  10. Here are some preparation steps I have found make cloning more successful:
    1.) If you can take all clones from one branch. The mother will not suffer so much shock. Strip the lowest node of each very close to the stem.
    2.) Gird each clone candidate on the branch. By interrupting the flow of starches back to the roots, we fool the clone into producein the starches and hormones which go with root production. At the point closest to the main stem where it thickens to join, use a razor (I'm not supposed to handle edged objects, so I strip bagtie wire and use it like a garrott only slower) to cut just through the skin of the stem, repeat cutting procedure 1/4-3/8" above, make shallow slice from cut1 to cut2, peel strip of skin from around clone stem base. In a day or two, you will notice a swelling in the skin above the girdle, an excellent sign. These are starches which will prompt the plant to to start roots at that spot.
    3.) Begin leaching the Nitrogen out of the chosen limb's foliage by frequent baths, drenching the leaves to run-off, waiting a half hour or so, shake it off, get dry, drench again, etc. 3-4 times in a row, 3-4 times during the day before cutting.
    4.) Roughen the skin from the stipped node down to the girdle. Cut the clone from the branch through the girdle, put in water until ready to angle cut, treat, and place.

    All this prep can have roots busting out in 4-5 days. Slow rooting can hinge on several factors.
    1.) A clone in the flowering stage will be slower because it has to regress back to vegging state, then begin the transformation to rooting. 2.) Too cool(below 70'F) rooting medium slows the process. Water especially seems to hold a chill.
    3.) Light may not inhibit root growth, but it's presence enourages the developement of algae, mosses, molds, yeasts, and waterborn critters(paramecium and amoebae) that use up the O2 and change the pH.

    The earth girl's fingers are bleeding, so she's gonna quit, now, but cloning is so cool, and she has a favorite way, which she'll share another time.

    As was mentioned before: Patience is the key. As long as they have not turned brown, or wilted beyond recovery, you are still in the running. A bit of yellowing on lower leaves would be a good sign, to signal the plant to put out roots to find more nutes.
  11. simpleist way is mix 1/2 perlite and 1/2 vermiculite, wet it, add dipped clone(rooting hormone) use plastic tent(humidity dome)and place under weak light and just keep moist. works about 99% of the time, if you must water clone, at least change the water every day. flowering clones just take longer to root, actually quite a task for a clone to revert back to veg and grow roots at the same time and survive. simple is good.
    If a bird flies over your land and takes a shit, and that shit has a seed in it, chances are that seed will germinate once on the ground, just have to teach the bird to drop a clone, it's just nature
  12. Wow, so much knowledge in here! Thanks everyone!!! I'm FINALLY starting to see the beginnings of roots now. On hindsight, I know what my problems were:

    1. Medium too cold. The water was not warm enough. I had the cups sitting on the floor, which wasn't good. I put them on top of a box, and it helped raise the temps some.

    2. The mother was already in 12/12. Since I didn't know what the sex was, I didn't clip until I was sure it was a female. That meant 8 days of 12/12. Not good. At least now that I have a mother plant, she can continue to veg forever.

    I'll get them out of the water tomorrow. I'm sure they'll root in no time once I do that.

    This is my first cloning, so I really had no idea what I was doing. I'm just glad they aren't dead. They all look REALLY good now - with the exception of one with yellowing on one of the leaves.
  13. leave them in the water till the roots are about 1" long
  14. Oh, almost forgot. i finally turned it back to 18/6 yesterday. I had it in 24/0 mode so they would stop flowering. But just about all have roots forming, so i'm happy. :)
  15. Well, I put them in a vermiculite/perlilte mix today. And then the cups were placed in a big tupperware container, which had two cups of water. Then I covered it in Saran Wrap and poked some holes in it. I also misted them (twice today).

    They still look good so far. Some had the beginning roots poking thru, while some still had the pre-root stump thing going on. Now we'll find out if these guys wanna root or not.

  16. be patient.....could take upto 3 weeks for roots to show.
    next time i would suggest using rooting gel (clonex) and small rockwool cubes. this way you can check if roots are about to erupt by gently prising away at the block.
    the fact that you took clones when nine days into flowering shouldn't be too much of a problem, though next time do it when plant in veg phase. friends of mine have reported better success with clones by gently scraping the bottom 1/4 inch of the cutting stem before dipping in clonex
  17. I would've taken the clones in veg mode, but I still didn't have it sexed. Oh well, I leared something new for the next grow.

    I think they're doing great... albeit VERY slow rooting process.

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  18. More.

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  19. looking good silent, quick question, have anymore leaf grown? i want to make sure i told you the right thing, the rounded leaf could be strain specific, i do know from seed they were normal. my clones also grew out a couple sets of regular leaf before it turned funky leaf.
  20. oooooo, they're lookin nice and healthy:D


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