Clones growing but not rooting??HELP

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by UnratedExtraBUD, May 14, 2010.

  1. i have three clones of a red dragon strain in rock wool cakes i used cloning gel and for some reason they haven't rooted but they all have new growth and look healthy on top, its been 2 weeks, i have cloning solution should i use that, or is there some other way to allow these to root?

    using a floresent set up and a humidity dome, i used the easy cloning meadod with the cotton swab and that is still attachted to the bottom.
  2. some strains take longer,but. is room heated ? tray heated with mat? how far away is light.? was mother plant sick?? i found out cuttings off weak plants dont do well. this gives you things to check. good luck:)
  3. Stop taking them out of the Rockwool! You are just hindering the process.

    Just be patient with them. My last set of clones took almost 2.5 weeks to show the roots coming out of the rockwool starter cubes. They did the same thing, growing but not rooting.
    give them some time. Maybe move the light a little farther away from them. They don't want to intense of light.

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