Clones..... from soil to coco?

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  1. Here's what I'm doing.....
    I took 12 'mostercrop' clones from my current coco/perlite grow and have started them in 16oz cups of soil. Call it lazy, it kinda is..... but my thought process is hopefully by time my main crop is finished most of the nutrients in the soil will be used up and I can transplant them into a coco/perlite mix and start feeding like normal. I'm pretty set on this plan, so has anyone tried it? How did it work out for you if so? Any input thanks...... grow on!peace!
    P.s. I will have to get more light before then, as of right now there is about 63w of led light(labeled, not actual).

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  2. I moved two clones from soil to hydrogen pebbles dwc. Not sure though about Coco. You will need more wattage.
  3. Also they need cal/mag and check pH. Runoff.
  4. Thanks man, will do!

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