clones from polinated mother.

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  1. i grew a crop from bagseeds and weded out males and females and needed but late into flower a plant turend hermie and pollinated all my females. i have one plant in particular that stoood out i want to harvest and plan to revegitate alone as a mother. will the plant produce pollinated buds in a second havest and will the clones i take also be pollinted?
  2. In my experiences its best to cut down the whole garden once you have discovered seeds, then before you ever start growing on that street again its best you clean & wash every thing near that grow room. Make sure to clean anywhere dust could get to, if pollen did spread its more than likely all over your house, maybe even pumped threw the vents of your central ac/heat. Best of luck to you...

    I have lost many gardens cause some idiot down the street grew males and one windy day fucked up my crop...:(

  3. There's a chance it won't get pollinated again provided you clean very well and get all the pollen up...very hard though. But to answer your true question, when you reveg it the new buds that grow when you flower will not be automatically pollinated as each individual bud itself needs to be pollinated to produce seed.

  4. that is great news! when these plants finish flowering ill move the one i want somewheres else witht he light and i had already planned to redo my grow room linning it with styrofoam and some more exhaust fans. i suppose ill pressure wash the room aswell or somthing to rid it of pollen. and is it true someone elses plants in a different yard could pollinate my grow? i gave my hermoe plant to a friend about a mile away. he keeps it outside. could pollen fly a mile from his yard to my indoor grow room? i tihnk im gonna kill his plant now. it was mine to begin with.
  5. i believe it can, but ive been called a moron for saying this before haha.:wave: pollen is pretty crazy if theres enough of a draft it could possibly make it there but who knows really.

  6. Sure, it's possible that a plant a mile down the road could pollinate your plants, but EXTREMELY unlikely. Especially considering your plants are indoors. It's not like it's "smart" pollen that is somehow attracted to and can seek out female marijuana plants like a smart bomb or something. It is just pollen and is carried by wind currents and lands wherever the currents take it.
  7. i guess i need not worry, but i guess he could contaminate others around him unknowingly. hope that doesnt happen.

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