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  1. I want to keep this plant goin cuz it has grown great for my climate compared to the others. Im about 5-6 weeks in flowering with 3 out of 5 females. Is it too late to take clones from my leader? I would revert back to vegetative stage inside, keep at least one Clone goin, and clone and harvest repeatedly until next march/april. Then i would move them back outside ;)
  2. you can always try. Taking clones from an outdoor plant is rough enough, and .5-6 weeks into flowering is a long time. It can be done, but it is not easy or always obtainable.

    I've rooted clones as long as 4 weeks into flower. It takes forever for them to root compared to clones from a vegging plant.
  3. The other thing is they will look like hell for the longest time. i have some that I snipped off my big outdoor plants several weeks ago, they look almost dead but when i pulled them up out of the cloner they have some killer roots now. So now i just gotta plant them and see what happens with lots of 24hr light
  4. ^^^^ true that!
    I took a clone off my outside plant back on 9/1.
    Took until 9/11 until it shot roots .. put into Bubble Bucket and went until 9/27 before roots dropped into the water.
  5. i was going to do this also. i have some white widows outside. i think i will at least try it.

  6. Thanks guys...I guess ill try this weekend when i have time. Wish me luck =]:hello:
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    there you go! it's a big 2mtr sativa which is just starting to flower.
    the branch looks healthy and capable to support itself for a while.

    the bottle always must be topped up because the branch "drinks" considerable amounts.

    should i trim the lower leaves, or just leave it as it is?

    or transfer into water storing crystals maybe?

    does it need any nutrition? how much?

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  8. i hate to tell ya, but that wont work. you can't just put a branch into standing water and expect it to grow roots. The water would need to be aerated heavily, ie a bubble cloner.

    You should have read a cloning guide before just hacking off a branch.

  9. ah. so it would be helpful to buy a small aquarium pump?

    light is 12/12 now (electronic timer), some 200 watts or more CFL, small storage cabinet. if the doors are closed temperature is quite high.

    i believe moderate temperatures are better.
    and during the "night", it did not draw much water.

    would you encourage me to try the storage crystals, or maybe should I just wait a few days, and see how it goes?

  10. CREATE YOUR OWN THREAD. Youll get more help. ;)
  11. Actually it is a powerful sativa if it works you'll have the information "it can be done".

    sorry for hijacking your thread.

    Actually it is weird one I just smoked small fan leaves and got high from maybe 1/3 what I use normally.

    And I am into harvestsmoking, and *confused*.:smoke:

  12. Lol its cool...pretty interesting what youre trying to do...let me know If she shoots roots ;)

  13. Actually you can put a branch into standing water and get roots. i took 7 prospective clones off of my plants from the summer about a month ago cut the bottoms at 45 degree angles and then stuck them in water and left them in indirect sunlight, so no cloning gel or bubble bucket or anything fancy. it took about a month to get good roots but it works trust me. all 7 of my clones took root and i kept the best 4 and now they are vegging again and going strong. So cloning can be done very easily without all of these fancy extras.
  14. No one seems to do year round grow in these forums. I'm SoCal, can't I just keep going, cloning, harvesting, put clones into containers just harvested (fresh soil) and so on. NO LIGHT SUPPLEMENTATION suggestions please. I'm OUTDOOR NATURAL. (White Widow as well) Anyone out there do this??
  15. I have harvested full plants in Nov outdoors, and saved a small, lower, inner branch to clone. Takes til Jan-Feb, but it roots and eventually comes back. Just in rapid rooters.
  16. Your right. I've tried water alone, hormone gel then starter cubes, and hormone gel and into soil. All worked. Just a matter of time.

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