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    First time grower.
    It seems that store bought clones are probably raised under 24 hours of artificial lights. And they seem to have tough time acclimating to natural light outside.
    I do have experience growing vegetables, so I did the whole "hardening off process" by putting them in potting mix, then in shade for a week, then gradually increasing sunlight over next 2 weeks.
    Even with all that.....couple of my clones are dying .
    My conclusion....clones grown under 24/0 artificial lights are inherently weaker/not suitable for outdoor growing....that they're bred mostly for indoor growing....or that only certain clone strains from these stores are more ideal for outdoor environment.
    My GG #4 and purple kush clones are doing fantastic. Bubba kush is dying. Super lemon haze and strawberry fields not looking fantastic, but will probably do OK.
    If anybody has more knowledge on which strains
  2. sounds like you did everything right. I wouldnt transplant them and put outdoors at same time though. One or the other at first. Too much stress.
    GG4 is an animal...... IMHO big producer too.
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  3. I think you are right about keeping it indoors little longer. Will try that next time.
    Yup, GG4 is quickly becoming my favorite. It seems to just shrug off whatever it comes it's way.
    Some hiccups, but a good thing because I'm in southern California where I can grow all will try again.
  4. Pics would prob help.

    This is my first grow and I can only give advice from my very little experience. A plant is a plant. I was give 3 clones left in my shed for 3 whole days in red cups with no water then transplanted into miracle grow 1 gallon pots then into 5 gallon Home Depot buckets I drilled holes into and look at them now. Not perfect. But not bad.

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  5. They're actually looking real good.
    I'm just thinking that clones from the dispensaries are not hardy as clones from regular plants.
  6. Can you imagine weed 10 years from now when its commercialized. Chemical blasted, taxed, and thrown on walmart shelves for next to nothing. Its going to do more harm than good with all the modification theyll do to seeds. Hell good luck finding a true organic seed.

    Organic labeling isn't what it used to be, we tested organic labeled honey, it wasnt even all honey, mixture of synthentic sugars added in and pollens removed, it was honey from a bee though.

    Organics is a business. Government and businesses go hand in hand, no matter which country.

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  7. Why I grow my own food.
    I have a no till, all natural wood chip garden that's almost maintenance free. I mimic the forest.
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