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Clones fom Feminized Seeds

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by colafarmer, Apr 14, 2010.

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    Anyone have any good luck with stability using female clones(cuttings) from feminized seeds.
    Would be interested in knowing of a good strain for indoor growing that likes temps 90-100 degrees, small to medium for a SOG, 60 day flowering cycle and of course a good to high yield.
    Like the Mandala strain, but I'm easy....
  2. Hmmm no takers?...I heard that their was a high rate of getting hermie from the clone...
  3. It depends on the stability of the feminized strain. There are different processes used in creating feminised seeds, some breeders take more time than others, and some use very strict testing to assure stability. In most cases, they will be fine as long as they are not stressed and/or abused.

    Some breeders give you statistics on variation, stability, and reliability. When buying female seeds, it is good to do some research on the company/breeder producing the strains.
  4. In all honesty, if you are going to clone it is best to find a mom from normal seed. Use Fems if you are short on space and time and cant spend time sexing and cloning.

    All Fem seeds are going to have a recessive Herm gene down in there somewhere, when it comes out though is the mystery.

  5. In female/feminised seeds the trait often don't come out unless you 1. cross it with male pollen from regular seed, or 2. allow stress and/or abuse. Even regular seeds will go hermie if you place alot of stress and abuse on them; it is just female/feminised seed seem o be slightly more sensitive to this in even the most minor forms of stress.

    I do agree if you want to run a successive cloning project, it is best to find a good stable mother from regular seeds vs using female/feminised seeds.
  6. Yep...What I expected to hear. Always better to use your best female from seed to clone...Thanks for your answers!!
  7. I have some Dutch Passion Feminized Mothers, Blueberry and Strawberry Cough.

    The mothers are a little over 6 months old, both are showing show pre-flowers, and I have taken a few clones from each, all the clones have been female.

    Do you think that down the road, since I am using Feminized Seeds, I might get some Clones that go Hermie?

    Also I was gonna get more seeds of different strains, grow them outside and see if I want to swap out the Blueberry or Strawberry that I do inside for something else.

    Should I get regular seeds and take my chances with males to get more stable mothers?
  8. I'm currently growing clones from a feminized seed. They're growing ridiculously fast and huge. So I see no problems.
  9. i germed a single fem white widow seed from seedsman seeds last summer(june), and i have cloned and harvested from it since then with no problems, and i've never kept the same mother, after i cloned the first time the mom was flowered, and the strongest clone was kept vegging until it could produce more clones and then it was flowered, and the strongest clone was the next mom, and so on, i will be on my 4th harvest of this exact strain next month

    while i know this probably isn't the most efficient or the best way to do things, it has worked for my particular situation pretty well, i even have two monster clones i took from the last mom when it was about 25 days into 12/12, they are fully mature and have all the preflowers showing

    i have had wild temp fluctuations, light leaks, and i never check my ph, but so far, knock on wood no hermies yet

    pics of the two monster clones, im gonna update a previous thread i had posted with these same pictures as well, been going since about the last week of december first week of january, not sure but it was about the 25th day of 12/12 like previously stated, so all you guys that really stress bout trimming or taking clones in flower can breathe a little easier haha

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  10. g51782...i have a few q's. How long did those clones take to root? What rooting method did you use? How long were they vegged after being rooted when the picture was taken?

    I'm not trying to bust your balls, just really curious as I just had cuttings taken after 23 days of 12/12 and would like a standard to gauge my attempt.
  11. It all depends on how well you keep the mothers environment. I have grown many cuts from female seed mothers and have never had a problem myself. Most of the time hermies are a result of grower error causing stress.
  12. Check my journal!
    I have two outstanding cuttings growing from a DNA LA Woman that I started from seed. If you didn't know better, all three were started that way. I sure as shit pray they won't hermie on me. I didn't know that propensity exists with femmed seeds. I think that DNA has their shit together. From what I can tell so far, that LA Woman is one terrific plant. I have faith!

  13. I try to take very good care of them, I even have a UPS in case the power goes out. Probably the most stress my mothers see is when they get too close to the lights because they grow too fast.

    I am crossing my fingers that I can get at least another 6 months and clone a new mother before any signs of hermies.


  14. it took them about a month to root, they were taken like the first week of this year, spent about a month in the bubble cloner before the roots were really ready to transplant, then put into peat cups w seedling starter mix and spent about 3 or 4 weeks under cfls, and have been under a 1000w mh since the beginning of march

    i am leaning towards taking about 20 clones off of them, and then flipping them to flower, but im not sure yet as i have other things flowering and cloning right now and don't have the space to do so just yet

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