Clones/Flowering the mother

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JKill, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Hey everyone, Just curious how everyone goes about doing this.

    I was going to take 9 clones from my White widow either today or tomorrow, then transplant the mother and put her outside for the rest of the season. (need to clear up space in side)

    should I wait a few days between taking the clones and transplanting her/moving outside?

    thanks guys/gals!
  2. any experienced suggestions helpful.

    thanks again everyone
  3. I don’t wait. I take my clones as I lollipop and right on in she goes. imho and experience you’ll be fine.
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  4. thanks for the reply!
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  5. taking clones isn't stressful. and transplanting shouldn't be either. i just took clones today and posted my process in a thread below. you should have a look and do the same. i haven't seen other people do it. i can probably do some things better.

    *scratch that.. its in the indoor growers room
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  6. Didnt say I was stressed. haha

    I'll take a look at your posts re: clones. thanks for the reply brother!

    hope your having a dope weekend!
  7. hahaha... i meant taking clones isnt that stressful for the mom. and that if you transplant correctly when roots are intact enough that shouldnt stress them either. wasnt speaking about your human stress levels. made me laugh though. you have a good one too.
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  8. haha yeah I know man,

    cloning went well and the mother is happily outside.

    thanks for the help brother!
  9. haha. mine too. clones are still vibrant and green.

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