Clones flowering on 18/6 schedule

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  1. I am assuming this is not good
  2. Heres pics.

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  3. No, it's not good...unless you're growing an auto strain. They do their own thing on their own time frame...regardless, so one would expect it of that type of plant. I'm not real sure what happened to cause your plants to flower. Are you absolutely SURE you're seeing buds? Lots of times, them putting out new leaves will look like buds forming but they're not. Post some pics so we can have a look. TWW
  4. Yep. You've got buds there. LOL Well, either you're not on an 18/6 schedule like you say because getting them onto a 12/12 light schedule is what initiates flowering.....or....this is an auto strain. It's got to be one or the other. TWW
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  5. Im new to this, but i posted some pics, pretty sure its buds.
  6. So, the two big ones are mine, but they're at a buddies house, he handles the lights and water. What should we do? The buds look nice, but this is weird.
  7. They probably made cut the clone when the plant was already in flower.

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  8. All you have to do is ensure your lights are set to 18/6 if they are photo period plants they will reveg, if they're autos they will still flower on that same schedule...

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