Clones Flower Right Off The Bat, WTF

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Drugsy, May 22, 2010.

  1. So got like 8 clones the other day from the club and only one of them isn't flowering.

    will these thigns flower cause they're clones and there's nothing i can do about it? Or can i do something???

    two blue dream (1 large, 1 small), Salmon creek big bud (1 large, 1 small), Santa Cruz Kush, Casey Jones, Blue Cheese, and XXX Cheese. Only the large blue dream is vegging and growing massive. everyhting else has preflowers and the smaller blue dream and salmon creek, casey jones, and XXX Cheese are short (less than a foot short) and flowering gnarly!

    ANy suggestions really appreciated. most are in the ground so i cna't move around, but ones in pots im gonna try and give as much veg nut's as possible and put outdoors in the day and under a krip light at night.

    ANy suggestions greatly appreciated!
  2. give them more light
  3. Some clones flower shortly after they have been cut, and no there is nothing we can do about that but this just means your crop will be much sooner but smaller amount of bud. But the buds will be the same size and killer. Hope this helps and holly shit man I wish I had had those strains all I got is Northern lights growing. Keep us updated with pics that shits gonna be some awesome ganga. Good luck with your grow. peace
  4. put them on a 24/7 lighting schedule. I'm guessing they were 24/7 as clones and you put them in 18/6, which shocked them a bit and made them start flowering. Or the clones were taken from a flowering plant (remedy is the same).

    I've never had a clone just randomly start flowering.
  5. sounds like the clones were grown under artificial light and you put them outside. Clones are mature enough to flower when the light cycle shortens, that's why yours are flowering so soon.

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