clones day 6 of veg - quick rook question (PIC)

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  1. hey guys bare with me since for this will be my 1st attempt at growing since i just got my card. i just picked up a couple clones less than a week ago and they are looking taller and healthier now, was just wondering, would it be a problem if i added a few more clones that are younger to the group?

    note: im growing aeroponically and there is only one reservoir and can only maintain one level of nutrients =)

    thanks for any help

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  2. Can you take a better pic. It looks like you may have a problem with your system distributing water/nutes. As one of the plants is way larger than the rest. Or so it appears. Are the little ones new?
    Unless they were added at different times.
    If not you may want to check your nozzles and perhaps rotate pots? I think pots where a fan or wind of any kind hits should be rotated daily anyway.
    I don't think it would be a problem really you are just going to have some veg longer. But
  3. lol sorry all i have is my phone to take pictures
    but yea the bigger ones are a week old
    and the smaller ones i just put in yesterday
    and the middle sized ones i put in a few days ago lol
    so the aeroponics system is working fine
    im just wondering if its bad to add clones when veg is 5-6 days in =)
    thanks for the input!
  4. Looks like you are all filled up. I see no reason why it should not work fine all within 6 days of each other?
    Rotate your pots though in the system. Like twist em a 1/4 turn a day if the nozzles are not under each pot.
    Does that make sense? If they spray inward from the center or if you have a system blowing air (and you should), rotate the pots!;)
  5. fosho thanks for the advice!
    yea my aero system has some rotary thing in the middle thats constantly spinning
    and rotating mist into the pots but rotating the pots doesnt sound like it would hurt either!

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