clones are making me nervous

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  1. its been one week and still no roots. they seem sad. and the leaves are getting yellow on the tips. am i just over reacting or what. i keep them in a dome that i change once a day. i change it because the leaves that touch the sides seem to be dying. i could use some advice.
  2. They sound like normal clones but leaves touching the side sounds bad dude. Leaves should not be dying!

    Ive got some pictures of my clones in my link below my signature just starting to yellow. They to have taken a while to root but its the first time growing this strain. My bagseed clones root in about a week.

  3. When your done with Usual, skip over my way, and see clones there as well.

    Did you put some thought into posting a photo, so we can see, and answer more accurately ?
  4. Awsome pictures of healthy clones! Only my LSD clones have gone yellow my bagseed ones did not but ive read a few post on here about clones going yellow so im not to worried.

    I would be worried about leaves on clones dying though as ive never seen that happen. My leaves do not touch my dome so Im thinking this could be the problem. Pictures would help but I'd start with that.

  5. [​IMG]

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  6. does this help a little?

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  7. Im no expert dude but my clones don't look like that. I think you should post that pic in the sick plants and problems section. Could be a number of things like PH problem or burn, sorry I can't help but I bet some people on here can.
  8. i been waiting 9 days now. but one of the clone got roots after 5 day.dose any 1 no why some root grow faster than others??

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  9. I guess its down to nature and where you clone from but those pictures are more like clones Im used to seeing. Nice

  10. You see all the foliage ends. You take the ends, ( all of them ) , and with scissors, snip a quarter inch off, all of them. If the damaged area affects more, than a quarter, then cut just enough to lose any and all, dead foliage. If it is not damaged, STILL, clip that quarter inch. This should have been done, at conception. Your clones will secrete a substance, much like if we got cut on our hand, Clots up, but no scab for the plant. If an entire leaf is dead, remove.

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