Cloner/mister timer?

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  1. I'm looking into building a DIY cloner but was wondering if a timer is necessary? Would it be better to run the pump constantly or would an on/off period work better?

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    This is my DIY cloner.

    I don't use a timer.

    its just an air pump/airstone that runs 24/7(DWC) and I fill the nutrient high enough that its just barely touching the bottom of the clones and 10 days later 100% of them have roots. (accept for the one that I managed to crush hahaha) the water res on the top left of the picture is a humidifier and isn't part of the cloner

    I think the total cost to build the cloner was like 20$ not including the stuff I already had around to build it. spray paint/drills/drill bits/hot glue gun

    this thread is from when I was trying to figure out cloning/the diy cloner
    since this thread I've put close to 50 clones through the cloner with a 99% success rate. I only lost the one plant I crushed.


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