Cloneing question..

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Raoul, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. So .. everyone knows that stress on plants causes them to flip to hermaphrodite.
    Rumor would have it that just thinking about light during the 12/12 will cause a plant to flip.

    So why don't cloning generate nothing but hermis?
    I cant think of a more stressful process for a plant.
  2. Because clones are taking from plants that are 100% female. The only stress full part is the first week when they have no roots! Use a humidity dome and keep it at 30 celcius and 90% humidity. Spray they with water twice a day. Use only water to soak the roots and spray them. Also once you make the clones and have them in the rock wool cut the leaves by half. That will help stimulate the roots. Using a 6500k T8 neon will help them to stay short, making more roots, and strong! Then transplant into a 4'' pot with some seaweed emulsion when watering. Just before transplanting them what I do is leave the roots soak in a 3ml / litre solution seaweed emulsion for 15 minutes. Then back under the neon for another 2 weeks :smoke:

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