cloneing an autoflowering strain

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  1. Is it possible/feasible to clone an autoflowering strain like this that has such a short veg cycle?

    grassomatic AK-47 Autoflowering Feminized Dwarf

    Genetics: Dwarf Autoflowering AK47
    Type: Feminized auto-flowering hybrid
    Height: 50-70 cm.
    Flowering: automatic within 3 weeks
    Harvest: within 70-75 days from seedling
    Location: Indoors.Outdoors
    Yield: 20 – 50 gr./plant
    Pot: 5-12 Lt.

  2. I hope the answer is yes to your questions, I'm looking for a auto strain for my stealth grow box
  3. Yes it is possible but not very feasible. Any clone you cut from an AF strain will be at the same exact level of maturity as its mother so all the cuttings will flower at the exact same time along with the mother plant. What I'm trying to annunciate is that you can never keep an AF strain in its vegetative period so you can never technically have a full time mothering plant. Hope that helped sorry if it was confusing. Oh and heres a link that might prove useful. Cannabis Headquarters - Help with Auto flowering strains?
  4. the only way this is worth it is if you top your mother plant and use her for only 2 top colas. Then you take clones from the underside and plant them. once thye root they will beginm making flowers which from what i hear end up being a lot bigger and denser since they are no longer shaded by the upper parts of the mother and get more light to produce flowerrs.

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