Cloned Kush Plant Yellowing Leaves (flick)

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    I recently bought a sugar kush clone and planted it, outdoor.

    I was watering it everyday, until a friend of mine told me to switch to every other day to allow the roots to expand. The plant at the beginning was completely green, and only some yellowing on what is now that all yellow leaf, it's even browning closer to the stems of the leaf /cry

    Already, I've been more commited to this child, i've loved it as my own.

    As soon as I came back to my spot today and saw it in this state, degrading, I picked it up and ran out of their (risking freedom I might add as this spot, while completely lowkey, is bordered by humanity, to say the least.)

    So, blades, what can I do to ensure my lovely's survival?

    The soil I potted it in is an Organic potting mix of 10-5-5 I think, is that where I went wrong?

    Why have I never gotten attached to anything on this planet except this plant, and it's pain is my pain. Less than slash three.

    Edit: Right, the flick.

    Sorry, was self wallowing.

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    hi, for starters dude you need to check/find out the soil PH & we can work from their, i would say that plant is showing nute deficency(s) but that doesnt mean theres no nutes in the soil, if the PH is off then it will lock out nutes even if theres nutes in the soil, so check the soil PH asap dude
  3. Yeah, im gonna jump on that, if I had a ride id run down and get one right now but i think its gonna have to wait till tommorow.

    My connect also told me that this discolaration could be from the clone being transplanted and the sponge it was being held in drying up. He told me once that sponge dries up it is very difficult for the plant to get nutrients, as young as it is. he was telling me it's possible i did not plant the plant deep enough, but he has not seen the plant in person we just discussed it.

    He said basically the same thing you said about the PH levels, but he also said to put a mound around the bottom of the plant and see if it doesn't help out.
  4. sounds to me like the problem started when u stopped watering daily
    so i suggest watering daily again but look for more detailed answers
    hope this helps
  5. Alright, so, I got the PH thermometer and the PH level is just below 6 (doesn't have a digital reading, but it's a pretty cool one that measures light/moisture/PH), my homie says that's too low and too get some peat moss (sp) and to mix it in with the soil;

    assuming the above information is all correct, my question for you fellow blades on trouble shooting my plant, is what is a desirable PH level?
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    hey dude yea that is too low, you want to aim for a PH of 6.5-7 for soil, but i will disagree with your mate on how to lower it(although that prob works but will be slow, v slow), the best way to do it IMO is using PH up & PH down, their small bottles of liqud & you only need a few drops to adjust your PH

    for example i use tap water of a PH of 7.5 so to high, what i do is get my gallon of water im using mix in any nutes that need to go in(not say u need to do that) then i test the PH usually after adding nutes it goes down to bit over PH7(still to high) from there i add a couple drops of PH down then teat the water again, if still too high ad another drop test again, & so on untill i get it where i want

    for your situation id say to water with a PH at the high end to bring it up quicker, so id recommed you adjusting your water to say PH 6.8-6.9, once your PH levels are where they need to be, lower it to somewhere like PH 6.7 & stick with that i find 6.7 a very happy medium for most strains if you look lower down on this page you can see some examples of what PH up/down is if your unsure, you can use hydro ones fine, plus you can get it cheaper else where or offline etc
  7. Outside your PH should be around 6.5-7
  8. cant really tell from the pic but it looks like its being overwatered....clones will grow fine for a little bit even without nutrients...
  9. Funny enough, that's what ive actually been doing to change the PH level! :D
  10. good stuff dude that should get ur PH back on track ASAP,

    she looking any better/worse?
  11. That one yellow leaf on top never came back, everything else perservered. I ended up just trimming off the yellowing/browning growth since I was told they can't come back from that, and putting her in some new soil. SHe's doing a bit better, that seemed to stop the whole "chain reaction" that was happening.

    She's making her way into the world though; she's already proven herself to be kind of tender compared to my other ladies, so I just hope she sticks it out to the end.

    *fingers crossed*
  12. sounds like what id of done really, yea its true they cant "heal" yellowed leaves etc so i take any that arnt green atall off myself, it will take time as she needs to recover & what have ya but sounds likes she dong ok so far, hope she carries on lol:hello:

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