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    I cloned my Tangerine Dream auto before I read that cloning autos was not standard procedure, and theoretically would fail. There are 4 plants total, one acting significantly different than the rest. It has basically turned into a bud with a few leaves. The mothers are being flushed for harvest tonight, the clones smell very potent and are fast growing. They are on a 24/0 schedule with CO2 enrichment at 1200 ppm. There was virtually 0 veg time, started growing and flowering simultaneously.

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  2. Same theory, slightly different results;
  3. This makes a lot of sense as you are soil based, outdoors.
    I have mine in a DWCR, chilled water, 1200W for 3 x 3, CO2, heavy nutes, and 24/0 light schedule.
  4. But, if this "Bud" turns out to be good, I could see growing 9 in a 3 x 3 space. I will update as it progresses, bud is thickening by the day. Much quicker than the start from seed version as well. Wish I could remember the state the current midget was in when cloned, with a good result, it would be ideal.

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