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  1. What is a clone??>>.......

  2. a clone is a clipping from one plant to start another, the clone will turn out exactly the same as the mother it was clipped from. To clone you just clip a branch off a good (female) plant and dip the stem in some rooting powder then put in soil or whatever you have, you should start clones with flouros.
  3. very well put ray.... cloneing... find a good mother plant.... clip it... make sure you soak in water in a non light room... i find that a closed cooler works best.. after soaking i suggest coatin the roots with rootng powder... or soaking it in some rood bound ... if you dont really feel like buying this just look for a nice willow tree in your neighboor-hoo and get some bark and small branches and soak them in water... for a couple of days.... after the soaking the water should be brown... i let the water heat on low for about 10 - 15 minutes... this kills and bacteria that could harm your plant... after that plant your clone in your medium weither it would be soil hydro.. etc... happy growing keep me posted on if this helps you...

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