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Clone Without Rooting gel

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by iarkey, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Well just took 2 clones and rooted both using only household bits (1 rooted in 2 days, Other in 7) here's what i did.

    Deprived my plant of fertilizer / Watered abit less but not alot for 2 weeks.

    Boiled a sharp kitchen knife in the kettle for 1 minute (dont have a sterilizer too poor lol)

    While it was boiling i took two see-trough plastic cups and wraped them in ductape so no light could get to roots.

    Cut both clones (3 inches tall) Using the boiled kinfe (after it cooled down obviously), Took the clone to my bathroom sink along with my empty cups filled the sink with cold water.

    Put the first clone into sink (fully submerged) turned her upside down and flicked the stem to get any airbubbles out.

    Filled the cup in the same water and put the clone into it underwater to stop any air getting into stem. then did same with other.

    I made sure the stem was not touching the side of the cup as sometimes while the water warms in the air bubbles form on it.

    put the clones in a out of direct light but not pitch black Space (this is importiant because the light allows photosynthesis but without any roots to draw water the clones will dry out and burn :( )

    Left them alone exept for misting every hour or so.

    NOTES: One clone had a broken stem which had slightly healed before i cut it, This clone started to grow roots from the break in 1 day, So you may want to experiment. I did not use any rooting gel, Pureified water, Razor blades, Humidity domes or heaters. These clone i grew on my bookshelf in my bedroom.
  2. Nice to hear that it is possible. I thought of trying something like this, but didn't want to waste the time or energy. Bow I just might have to try it.
  3. Yeah i did abit of research and heard "oh it wont work they will all die" then i just thought, Cannabis has been around for thosands of years rooting gel only 20 So i took my two worst clones that i wouldn't miss if i cut them off the plant and both rooted.

    Some points they look like they wont root but theres no point touching it, Just mist it daily and leave it for as long as you can untill it either dies or roots.
  4. Good to know, but think I will stick with tried and proven modern technology...:)
  5. i made a bubble cloner for about 30 bucks (if not less), took some clones from plants that had been in flower for 23 days, and 5 days later they were showing roots. on day 7 i transplanted all 8 clones into soil and they are all thriving. no domes, no misting, no rooting gel or powder. couldnt be easier.

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