Clone with water & soil only

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  1. Does anyone here clone by cutting and replanting in fresh soil without using cloning gel/powder & jiffy pellets/rockwool cubes ?

    It must be possible !

    Thanks all :)
  2. its possible just takes longer and lower success rate
  3. Yes , especially with soft tissued plants . Most gardeners will argue that propagation in a soil / soilless mix is the best way to do it .. Of course not as convenient as rockwool or oasis but there is more contact with the stem and the medium in soil and that is one of the most important things in propagation ... Good luck
  4. It's how mother nature intended it :D

    I rarely use cloning additives, only when I know that I need to root in discreet/tough situations, where the environment may be compromised, during a move for instance. If your space is sanitary, and you have quality water (get a jug of distilled or RO water if you have to), you should be all set and see roots just as fast as you would with a hormone gel. :)

    Most of the time, if clones are rooting faster and with a higher success rate with a gel, than they can without it, it means something is out of whack in the environment.. most people aren't growing in ideal conditions, so it's fairly common. Be sure they're kept in a humid but sterile environment for the first few days. Keep the medium damp, but not soaking. If anything, a tiny bit of peroxide can help prevent mold issues and stem rot, while providing just a bit of oxygen.
  5. good info badkat
  6. yep....i once got a successful clone off a branch that had been broke off and had set outside for 3 days. i put it in the ground and watered the hell out of it. i still didn't think it would do anything, but i didn't have anything to lose with it so i tried it. a month later my dad is freaking out because he has no idea how the extra plant got out by our others and it hit me that it was the clone....unfortunately, it ended up dying sometime later...
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  7. Well I've never clone a plant before so I'm gonna foil soil & water and use a dome to put the clones in to keep the humidity up and I'll happily report back.

    Can't see why it wouldn't work, although it may just take longer than using a gel/powder, I remember reading a thread saying that rooting compounds and jiffy pellets are a waste of money & can be done without.

    Thanks for all your replies on this subject, if my plan takes off maybe this might be a sticky.
  8. I've seen a little tiny ass peice that fell into the soil from pruning root before

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