CLONE WARS!!! A Face Off of Cannabis growing techniques

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Soil2Coco, Jul 8, 2018.


What technique is going to win?

  1. Coco Drain To Waste

  2. Perlite Hempy/SIP

  3. DWC Bubble Bucket

  4. Homemade Supersoil, 4th generation

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  1. Totally understandable! I'll keep my eye out this winter ;)
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    I think @Soil2Coca said it was a tomato plant. Not hemp, I don’t think he will let it get root bound.

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  3. Lol. It’s a tomato. I just feed it the runoff water from my coco DTW indoor grow. Just experimenting. That’s a common misconception about being rootbound in small containers. With coco, you can multifeed when the roots fill the container, and grow some monsters.
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  4. I'm feeding it Lucas Formula lol. I bought the seeds from Ganjaman seeds (j/k).

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    I just walk around all nimbly bimbly. Lol Life is too short not to have fun every second of the day!! Glad to have you aboard man.
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  6. Man I love love growing my medicine. It's a passion for me. My only real passion is to grow plants that help people. Relief from symptoms of epilepsy, parkinsons, huntingtons, asthma, fibromyalgia, lupus, alzheimers, glaucoma, and drug addictions.
    And you can get really high! Haa!
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  7. You and me both brother!!! What do you have setup for the next run?
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  8. Damn those are some fat ass buds!
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  9. Yes, we like them FAT around here

    D0C4C882-7337-4BFD-A555-162DF8F2C1D1.jpeg E185E9C1-C5DF-489D-BC22-5F05286DB4FE.jpeg
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  10. Speaking of not yet fat buds, my girls have their 5 finger leaves now. I'll put up some more pictures this weekend. Probably Sunday, since we're supposedly working Friday and Saturday OT. Mo moneys.
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  11. Hey Soco, I have some really stretched out NHS from Mr. Nice in there now. Northern lights x Haze x Skunk. They call it National Health Service! Haa! I'll put up some pics soon. Your beautiful flower babies look like 3-4 more weeks. What do you think?
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  12. Unfortunately yes. A lot of clear trichs still and hella white hairs coming out. The one pheno on the right is still pretty green but hairs are receding. Maybe 2 weeks for her. It’s also close to the uv bulb, that usually speeds up the finish. They say 55-70 days and this is beginning of week 8 so probably all of the 70 days. Should be a nice yield though

    Tag me when you get your pics up bud. You always have something nice to look at.
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  13. When you think they're getting close with mostly cloudy trichs, be sure to keep an eye out for nanners. I've had grows that throw them near the end and you have to take them down then, even if they seem to have another week. Opening a bud to find little premature seeds sucks! I'll put up some pics when they get big enough to be interesting! Haa! Another thing I do near the end is to open up the big tops, (pull the nuggets away from the stem), so they don't get rot or mold. I'm sure you have your ways, I'm just trying to give some advise for those who might not know how to treat the giant tops like we grow!
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  14. I would be so pissed!!! I’ll keep a look out though. I’ve got the humidity down to around 40%. Lost a lot to mold last year outdoors. Almost a pound between the six plants. Still harvested just over 5 lbs though. But it’s that shitty outdoor weed, best suited for edibles.
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    Sorry to sidetrack, but, if you do cultures, please think about doing a thread. I’d be interested in learning. (Commercial grower of a diff crop)
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  16. Uvc works good, tho you have to get right down on plants, but protect eyes and skin.
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  17. I get better results of taste and smell by taking off the nugs at chop. Almost opposite of your experience.
    I looked up permaculture and I don't get it. Ethics in horticulture? I ain't no tree hugger. I put seeds in dirt and grow ass kickin medicine. Ethics would dictate that one not break federal law. Fuk that! I'm gonna make medicine regardless of what big brother says! Haa!
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  18. Looks like a tomato plant to me.
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    Hey, Soco! I finally subbed up. I don't know why I didn't when I first visited you! I think that all successful grow techniques that get the results someone wants is good. I grew in 5 gal hempies for 2 years and now using fiber pots, but I still love the hempy buckets and will prolly use them in the future. It's so cool to see people be successful by taking a method as far as possible. Dwc, no-till, hempy, bag dirt, coco, perlite, etc. All different light systems, nute systems, exhaust methods, RH control, it's all useful info for someone and this thread is a good way to explore a lot of that! There are no 2 grow spaces that are the same. It's a big world looking for ways to improve you're grows. You rock!
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  20. Thanks bud. Wish I could start it now
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