clone to a mother??

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  1. i have a beautiful mother plant right now. she is still under 6 months old right now. i know clones are a genetic replica of the mother and i have grown my clones and seen a difference in branch production. it does not have symetrical branches like a plant form seed would have under flouresents. so my question is, can a clone be turned into a new mother plant when the time comes for the original to finish her life cycle? and what in your opinion would be the best method of growing it into a thriving mother? thnx yall!
  2. yes you can make a clone into a mother plant...I always grow out my seeds and take clones prior to flowering and choose the best plant when the original plants finish up and use that clone as a mother for that strain. But you can keep a mother plant in veg for a long time. I keep my mothers under flouros but move them into my veg room few times a month(400w MH).

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  3. thnx for the adivce!

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