clone taken during flowering, strange growth

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    i took this clone about 3 weeks into flowering from a bag seed plant that yielded some pretty dank buds. its probably been growing for about a month or more. the thing is it came from a bag of mixed bag seeds so i dont really have any other way to grow it again other than this clone. i just got some nicer seeds from a seed bank but id still like to have this strain around as a mother and maybe try to cross breed it or something.


    how long is it gonna keep growing these crazy looking leaves and start being normal again? also what are the chances it would hermie because im guessing transforming a bud into a bunch of stems and leaves is probably pretty stressful for it
  2. i read some place that clones taken during flower take a month to recover... guess time will tell...

  3. Its gonna take a lil while but it will be ok... i do it all the time and they recover just fine and u will notice that it will have a lot a branching without any topping or anything...perfect for a mother plant
  4. looks stressed out with those single leaves.
  5. yeah that plants straight up trippin balls like gettin used to some vegging and is now retarded.
  6. It's just very stressed, that's why the leaves are growing like that. All you can do is give her time to recover. You can look into revegging the plant it came off of after harvest if the clone doesn't improve.
  7. the plant its harvested from has been turned into smoke at this point, its ok if i can't save the strain but it'd be cool if the clone managed to become a non-hermie good plant. there is indeed some crazy branching at the top, probably like 4 tops coming out already that i can see

    anyway thanks everyone for comments, looks like most ppl agree i just need to give it some time and see what happens. a guy in another thread took a clone from a flowering plant or revegged or something and ended up with this:

    so hopefully that'll happen to me. the thread was this if anyone was interested, pretty helpful:
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    Don't fret man, did the same thing once, looked exactly like that then like 3 weeks later snapped right out of it. I would say it's pretty normal. I also chopped all but a lil piece one time during a harvest and threw it back into veg also did those single leafs and looked just like your pic. It did not hurt it either as I re-flowered it (something that is kind of a no no) and did just fine. Each strain will be different as far as how hardy they are to overcome these non natural things.
  9. yeah actually it looks like this now:


    actually now it looks even bigger since that was a couple days ago.. on its way to becoming a lot of bud. also got a clone of it in the 24hr room so the strain is saved :D
  10. I have had many flowering clone grows, and that freakish growth is pretty normal at the start. Mine always straightened out. And since it was from bag seed, you'll never know about hermies. . .could have been genetics, as opposed to you just stressing the shit out of her. . .lol so hopefully she's good now. .Good luck my man!

    Be safe

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