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  1. I'm trying to figure out a good home aid way to clone lol I lost my clonex in between moving and all the grow shops are closed its pretty retarded that I even asked but it would be useful knowledge
  2. Snap off a piece of an aloe vera plant and squish up the gel. Use it like rooting gel. You will have great success if you maintain the clones properly.

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  3. Just water and a plug itinto will root!!! Ogees r harder
  4. It's a weed and will do it's best to grow under the worst conditions. Keep everything sterile and take a cutting...put it into something to sustain it and I bet you money it will root. It might take it a little longer, but it's going to try. I've seen where folks have used Aloe Vera from the plant and said it went well. TWW
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  5. I use straight tap water in a little coffee container and haven't failed to get roots in 7-10 days not spending any money on all of that other stuff when if all else fails I can just cut another little branch off of my girl I am married with kids though so everything I do for myself is on the cheap.

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  6. Rooting hormone can speed the process up by a couple of days but it's certainly not needed. A simple and effective cloning solution can be made by soaking some chopped up willow branches in a little water over night

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