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  1. if i live in a state without medical dispensaries, what would be a good way to find a source of clones for strains i'm interested in? i'm not trying to violate GC terms here, so please if you respond, keep it within the rules of the forum. i don't understand how the network of growers has developed and am NOT asking about specific instructions, more just about the general way things work and what people have done successfully in the past.
  2. Clone Source = jango fett
  3. honestly, unless u know someone who has what you want, i dont think theres really a "safe" way to get em .. even if you are a legal user.

    IF sent through the mail, they may die, they may get confiscated, you may be charged, you may not be. who knows ..

    but anyways, goodluck ..

    imo, just grow from fem seeds and your good to go
    shitty thing about that is, u cant get "clone only" strains(obvi)

  4. hahah great starwars ref.

    yea, i was thinking you were right on that. i'd rather not risk it, but cloning is a good way to get a head start with a hardy plant, besides getting seeds sent has some of the same issues, although less likely to mess up and easier to defend if caught...i guess i should be more patient, though.

  5. i thought this same shit when i ordered my first order, but they get to you if ordered from attitude seed bank .. if they get taken in customs, you'll gget a piece of paper in the mail instead of ur package, and all it will say is why it got taken, ect... you dont get in trouble (that i know of lol)

    but goodluck broski, with whatever u decide to do.

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