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  1. Does it matter at what elevation I take clones from.
    Meaning - From the bottom , middle, upper parts of the plant.
    I do plant on leaving a node from whereever I take them because it is advised to do so so thing continue to grow from the site once you take a clone, but I was wondering if one level is betterthen another for the plant.

    Today is clone day!
    It is also Pearl Harbor Day! What a coincedece!
    I have found an interesting situation realted to lighting.
    I am and electrical engineer (amoung other things)and have been playing with the lighting.

    I was able to locate a ceramic bulb mount and seperate transformer that can handle 2500 Watts and have been setting up multitap's so I can connect several smaller bulbs to the power and locate them much closer to the plants getting better coverage. With the power supply far away from the plants and good venilation I can get 150 watt bulbs as close as 4 ". I have been keeping a close eye on the plant but basiclly what I have noticed so far is the lower branches are making many new side shoots and they are stemming off these shoots making the plant wider.

    This plan is going to get cancer because I have 590 watts on this one plant and it's 74 degree's F at the leaf. The bulbs are 4" away. 3 -150 watt 2 -70 watt
  2. if possible it would be a good idea to get light to the plant from underneath to encourage growth lower down...keeping them nice and bushy.....Peace out....Sid

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