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  1. A thought occured to me, and I don't think I have ever heard anyone talk about it, so here it goes. Does a clone reach sexual maturity faster than a seed. The reason that I think it may is that if the plant that the clones were taken from had reached sexual maturity, than I goess that would mean that the clone had also reached that stage. I could be way off base here, but it makes sense to me.
  2. this is yet another advantage of cloning. The mother plant, if she has reached sexual maturity, will produce clones that are sexually mature.
  3. as clones are taken from a mother plant that is already MATURE, and a clone is just that, a "clone" of the origianl plant. If you have ever sprouted a seed, sure, it will produce fan leaves and grow relativley quick and large. However, this plant is immature, and cannot be cloned with great success until the sprout has reached a reasonable maturity. Adversely, a clone that is relatively new, is mature, and can be flipped into the 12/12 light cycle sooner than a sprout, or so my experience dictates
  4. That's what I figured. It made sense to me. Thanks for the responses.
  5. given this fact of instant maturity, im gonna try and make my own 'lowryder' clones this year.
    i have a blueberry cross that stays small to begin with. im gonna place small clones outside around july1, after the longest day. this will do 2 things;
    instantly start the budding process and keep them relatively small and low to the ground.

    another trick to this is that after the spring growing time, cool season grasses tend to be easily killed and managed with round-up. and the weedseeds and/or still alive roots in the middle of summer arnt as happy to germinate/grow so u have a nice window of time. if u have an old field with lots of grass and other 'stuff' growing, the process is as follows;

    1 get clones so that they are fully rooted and starting to grow under 18hr lights so that the timing is such that u have them ready after the longest day, july1st is perfect.

    2 go to the hardware store and buy some roundup. spray it in a spot on a warm day about the size of a soccer ball.

    3 2 days later, even tho the stuff isnt dead yet, u can plant the clone. the weeds will slowly die, offering ur little beauty a dead spot of soon to come mulch. i use sumthing like this and dont disrupt anything but the plug ur going to insert. remember that u have killed the top veg and if u start to rip up the sod, weedseeds and roots will start to grow and compete with ur plant. dont worry about the roundup 2 days later, its gone.

    4 water and feed as needed. maybe even mulch ur plant if needed after a few weeks. let the surrounding weeds grow up because u have created a small hole of dead soil sod for ur little plant to be happy in.

    5 enjoy the harvest around 2.5 months later, sept 15th.
  6. I have heard that Lowryder is rather difficult to clone. I can't say from personal experience, but that's what I hear.
  7. This is one thing, all though I have never tried it, I would stay away from. Have you actually done this successfully? If it kills the weeds, wouldnt it as well kill our "weeds"? Furthermore, I wouldnt want even a hint of that shit in my medium. If its in the soil/medium the plant will definatley "find" it. How long does that stuff remain after applied?
    LOWRYDER CLONING - the TRUE LOWRYDER is a is a hybrid that has incorporated a Mexican Ruderalis plant into the mix. Since this species has been bred to inclue the AUTO-FLOWERING trait of a ruderalis, YES it is very difficult to clone since it automatically flowers as soon as it reaches a certain height, and never fully matures like the MOTHER pants we are used to.
  8. I took some clones off a plant my roommate had started so I could have something to drop into my new hydro set-up. I can't quite tell what sex the mother is yet. Will my clones get this head start into sexual maturity, or do they basically start over since the mother isn't quite there yet? Also, what is the real advantage to waiting until a plant reaches sexual maturity to flower?
  9. the clone will be whatever "age" the mother is.

    Roundup (spray) typically works by infiltrating via a plant's stomata (in their leaves) and then interferes with the operations of the mitochondria within the cells of the plant, thus killing it. Any residual roundup on/in the soil will degrade and disipate with minimal threat to future plants.
  10. If your roomate knows what he/she is doing, they are guaranteed to be female. A mother plant, as oppsed to a baby, would have been fully mature already, so sex should be apparent. A clone is that in every sense of the word, a "CLONE" a copy of the original. Sexual maturity - when refering to this, what do u mean? Do you think of maturity as when the plant gets a certain height? Usually, when a plant is fully mature, it is BIG, and has a huge root system, this is more realting to a MOTHER plant. Clones, since they are a duplicate of the original, although they do not have a root sytsem at first, mature far faster than a sprouted seedling. Repost further questions for clarification
  11. first of all, who said anything about cloning a lowryder plant? certainly not i. if u would please re-read my post, u will find that what i was getting at was that blueberry cross plant will be stunted, not an actual lowryder.

    as to round-up, u again, obviously do not know what u are talking about, Kemhaze. roundup only kills things that a green, because it needs to be translocated into the roots. yes u can get it to suck up into the roots thru a cut stem but that is not what we are talking about. it has a 1/2 life of about 2 minutes in the soil. and it is absolutely perfectly fine after 24 hours to plant directly into the sprayed area.

    have i done this before? i do this about 8000 times a year. how many times have U done it?
  12. A) /|\ thats who said something about cloning "Lowryder"
    B) Y so snotty?
    C) Never used Roundup as mentioned before "This is one thing, all though I have never tried it, I would stay away from." Now that you have explained the "method to your maddness" (its a joke, relax) I am more than in the belief that you are correct in your statment. And again, how many times have I done THIS, NONE. My outdoor grows consist of a few thousand plants directly in earth that I have cultivated, no need for "roundup".

    Are you trying to camoflauge you crop amongst other vegitation??
  13. yes, by keeping them small. another benefit is that u can put them out in july, after there is some decent growth around so unless u are looking directly on top of them, u cannot see them.

    sorry about being so snotty but re-read ur statement, it is aggressive. but im glad we got it all straight.

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