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  1. The late season clone selection is killing me right now. I just got back from getting some hash at the canna club and they had Sour Kush and OG clones in. If my garden wasn't already filled to capacity I could have bought them, but I don't have the room indoors or out at the moment. SO hard to pass up those genetics at the place I get my best clones. I've got some Headband already, but the clones were from a different club and just aren't as good. Its like it's a headband knock-off. Anyway, my growers heart cried today walking away from those clones. They were bigger than normal too because nobodies been buyin' em up as fast now that it's so late in the season.
  2. I picked up this Green Crack clone today for the backyard.

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  3. Nice. I have a couple 3 ft Green Crack that I got late in the season. Some of my favorite plants and I got a ton of clones of them. At first I read your comment wrong and thought you said you got a clone FROM the backyard and not for. I was thinking "How did he take my clone?" Talk about a stoner thought! But I do have enough back there to not notice one missing, lol. And once I posted a pic of my grow and someone said "Oh I recognize your place, you live blah blah blah." and they were right. That freaked me out a little bit.
  4. if the others were planted a month ago, go get more. then when your first crop comes off the next crop will be coming off a month later.
  5. I have a bunch of clones I cut from the strains I have. There are small plants in pots in between bigger in ground plants. Its stuffed full with no more room. I would have to get rid of some plants to buy more and that just doesn't seem logical. I figure what I have already will outgrow my space and I will have to harvest a couple early to free up some room. But that's cool because I can use them for edibles or something.
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    You can put cuttings in stasis for like 3 months. Done it many times. You could have clipped than clone. Put it in a class or plastic bag and keep in fridge for 3 months. when ready to use it. Just take it out and root it like normal.

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  7. Interesting. I've done that with other vegetables, planted a head of lettuce once and it kept growing, but didn't ever think about doing it with MJ. Unfortunately I don't have much more empty space in the fridge either. I've got a 7 person family. Pretty much everything here is full! Thanks for the tip though. I'm sure I'll come across the strains again, hopefully next season. There are more good stains than I can grow at one time. Or even in a lifetime.
  8. I made a thread on Stasis. Check it out.

  9. That would be a long road trip
  10. My local club had a strawberry cough clone the other day for only $15!!! It looked so beautiful! That's one of my favorite strains too - I wanted her so bad!
  11. Man my club only charges $10 per clone. Probably why they sell outs so fast.

    I've only grown strawberry cough once and it was one of my first grows. I got spider mites and harvested early so I never got the full flavor. I wouldn't mind trying some that was grown better.

  12. After I tried some recently from my club for the first time, I have made the decision it is easily one of my favorite strains to smoke! And the good news was the clone was from the same genetics as the exact bud that I bought. If you ever see it in a local club, try it! You won't be disappointed!
  13. I'm still looking for a Strawberry Diesel clone, some of the best tasting fire I've ever had the pleasure of smoking!
  14. Hey just to add my 2cents my club that I go to have some mothers of bubba lush, sour diesel,and red diesel,some gdp and blue widow for $30.00 maybe cheaper they have a ton of clones he gave me a super rhino(super haze x white rhino) and a double dutch,I'm thinking of getting one.I know it's late but I'm here in san diego any suggestions???
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    I'd be a little sketched out too lol
  16. You could still put out a couple clones, especially in san diego where the season lasts longer. Won't yield a ton, but still worth if for the price probably.

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