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  1. i dont have a lot of money nor many options. i am wanting to take a cutting today and start a clone but i dont have rooting form. what else can i use, preferably something laying around the house.
  2. a better question is can i clone w/o using rooting hormone?
  3. Fill up a cup with tap water to about 3-4 inches and stick the branch in it.....
  4. i just cut a branch, cut leaf tips, defoliated, scraped away outer layer of the branch at the bottom and put directily in 50/50 coco and ffof. watered really good w/ a light mist. put a plastic bag over top and am letting it get a couple hours of sun and then 24 hr dark. sound good? only step incomplete is using rooting hormone.:eek:
  5. 24 hours of dark?!?!?!
    dont do that, if anything give them 24 hours of light. also, when cloning without gels, you can make some willow water which works great on clones.
    check this out:
    Making Willow Water / Salicylic Acid and SAR
  6. ok ill get her under some light. im looking it root her w/o anything but water really. after the whole cloning process that is.
  7. You can clone without the aid of rooting hormones, they will just take much longer to root , keep your medium moist but not wet, hopefully you will see roots in 21 days or less.
  8. ....okay lmao! i see it takes a long time then w/o rooting hormone. i hope it takes quicker
  9. not to knock your dust off er anything but...not sure how you're growing either but i've got some rhizotonic from the grow laying around. dipped cuttings in it then bubble in styrofoam in a make shift two liter bottle... i see roots at day 3.
    not sure how you are growing or what nutrients, if you have any at all.... but i paid literrally zero, 0 , extra dollars and in return, it takes a few days for a few clones...

    ...i b/b because its faster and more efficient....the same applies to your method of "cloning" haha....
    good luck
  10. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
    3 days and you already get roots!??!?!?!?
    i am using an aeroponic cloning machine i made myself, even with the perfect conditions, temp/humid., lighting, i still am getting enough roots to transplant but on day 10. and that is with rooting gel! whats your secret?
    oh and the water inside the machine is fortified with clonex cloning solution and some kangaroots mycoh.

  11. my secret is that i think i saw a cat hair floating on the roots, and they died three days later.

  12. Your cloner will work fine without the hormone, and you will also be fine just putting them into the FFOF. I did clones of my Pot of Gold plant and the ones I did without rooting hormone took about 4 days longer, but I too put them right into the FFOF. Another cheap way to go that works is to do them in peat plugs. These will hold more moisture but won't over saturate the clone. I picked them up at ACE Hardware for about $4.50. If you can't swing that then just do what you're doin and it will work.

    A little love goes a long way on them. Just keep em moist and in a high humidity environment and you will be good.
  13. that made entirely no sense.
  14. i find myself not making much sense quite often.
    my senses were that i saw something that wasn't. anything though.
    get this... two clones are still rooting.. i thought they were gone but in the water + styro foam they are still kickin down roots. definitely 10+ days later...

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