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  1. can you just go straight to soil after taking a clone or do u have to use a BB
  2. once the plant has root do what ever you want with it.

    and roots can be set in soil or hydro AKA you can clone in both mediums.

    does that answer ya ?
  3. i think. so ur saying as soon as i take it from the mother plant i can apply the rooting agent and put it in dirt?
  4. sure ..any medium will work ..some are just better then others.... . if all you have is soil .. try to make it 50/05 perlite/soil , and then just fill up a dixie cup ( with holes in bottom) or small pot, water well, poke hole into medium with pencil, drop in cutting, and snug her in...keep the medium moist for a week or two, in a slightly humid environment..and you should be good to go ..take,and plant more cuttings then you will need , and keep only the strongest ones for your grow..

    now there are lots of things from there on and well before hand to make a better success rate, but I am sure there is a sticky on Cloning some where here on GC
  5. thanks man thats exactly the info i was looking for

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