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  1. I have 2 cuttings that I have in those aero garden sponge type things in clear glass jar with just the tips of the sponge thing in water to keep the whole thing wet/moist.
    They are on the floor of my 2X2X4 grow tent w/ a Mars Hydro TS1000 LED for the mother plant
    I change the water and wash the jars every 2 days using bottled water
    Cut and dipped in clonex a full week ago. both are still alive and looking pretty good but no roots yet.
    Should I abandon the jars of water thing and go another way?
    Please give advice and guidance
  2. Takes 7-10 days to see roots with clones. Sometimes longer. Just let them do their thing.
  3. Might want to consider using rapid rooters in the future instead of garden sponge.
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  4. I wouldn't give up on them just yet, but I also wouldn't count on them rooting.

    I'd pick up some plugs, a dome, and tray. I use root riot, but there are many other brands.

    Soak the plugs, give them a squeeze, then place into your clone tray. Cut clones at a 45º angle 1/4-1/2 inch below a node, dip in clonex, and place in cubes. I then throw the dome on with the vents closed for the first day or two, then open them more each day. You can throw a bit of water in the bottom of the tray (not touching the plugs) to keep the humidity up as well.

    If you want to bump the success rate up a bit, try adding 2-3 drops of bleach into each quart of water that you soak the plugs in, as well as sterilizing the dome/tray and tools beforehand with a bleach dunk/spray.
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  5. after some weeks and still no go look to making your own 'bubble cloner'

    Lets Build a Clone Machine *Step by Step*

    good luck
  6. Thanks, for your replys
  7. Stick with it for now. My bubble cloner with plain water usually takes 14ish days to show roots.
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    Lower branch in veg.


    3 fingers of stem and a thumb of fan leaf.


    The carrier holds the cubes up a 1/2 inch and keeps the rockwool from soaking up more water while I flood the tray base for additional humidity.



    14 days on average.


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  9. Hello again
    I purchased "rapid rooters" Did my cutting and inserted in the sponge. I have it in a cut off water bottle w/ ~1/4"of water. Should it be in water or just keep it moist?
  10. Just keep them moist, not sitting in water or soaking wet. As mentioned I like to squeeze some of the water out after soaking the plugs so they are not too wet.
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  11. Thanks, gxxire
  12. Get yourself a propagation dome and a heat pad. It will go a long way to helping them root faster. Also limit the light they receive for the first week. You want the plant to concentrate on making roots,not growing. Also what temperature is it in the room?
  13. What does the bleach do for the plugs?never heard of this technique.
  14. Quick question...can rapid rooter plugs "go bad?"
  15. I've had them mold before in the bag they were in after having them in a cupboard for like a year lol.

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  16. I see. I had a bag of 50 and I usually use 6-9 plugs every month and a half. The last 12 plugs I cloned did not root except for 2. I've always had a 100% success rate until then. I noticed the clones themselves started to lose color and dots on the leaves,mold. So I don't know if my plugs went bad because I've always used the same routine and never had this happen.
  17. The bleach helps bump up the success rate by preventing disease for the first week or two.
  18. Ok. I'ma.gonna have to give it a try.Ive always had a 100% success rate until recently. I think my rapid rooter plugs went bad because the plants didn't root and the leaves grew mold

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