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  1. I took clones last week and they seem to be doing well.
    Well except for a couple of mistakes I think.

    I took two sets of 6 each. One from a male...I will dispose of those and one set from a female.
    The female was in preflower stage when I took the clones and the clones seems to be going into preflower now as well.

    I kept the clones in the 12/12 grow room with very little light. That appears to be my mistake.

    Should I have put them in the veggy room with little light.
    It was suggested about 20 Watts is good good for clones for a week till they show signs of taking.

    Should I put last weeks clones in the veggy room now. Will they go into veggy?

    Or just start over putting the clones in a veggy enviorment.
  2. clones need lots of light and humidity, i can let you have o good grow guide, just e-mail and i will send ok.
    good luck

  3. I agree, lots of light as in the veg stage and high humidity or frequent foliar misting.

  4. I put them in the veggy area with indirect lighting, they seem to be doing ok.
    I put together a decent nursery for them. I took two plastic show storage boxes they sold at Home Depot and put one on top of other with duct tape as a hinge. They seem to like it cause they are making new shoots. I figure I'll give them another couple of days then move them to starter pots.

  5. I know I like to see pictures of others stuff.
    Here'sa visual aid.

    They cost 99 cents each

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  6. You don`t want to put them in direct intense light.They need subdued light,like a flourescent.If you put them in strong light,they will use up what little nutes they have stored,and burn out before they root.And don`t put them in a 12/12 light routine.Veg is best.
  7. I had to pull this set of many mistakes. Although when I pulled them out of soail 1/2 of them did have rooting but the major problem was one whole batch was from a Male plant. So I have set up another group from confiemed female and expect in a week they will be ready to be repotted. I have them in low light veggy conditions. But I also set up a test of leaf provigation to see if they take as well. I will report status when conditions warrant it.

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