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  1. Hey folks,
    First timer here growing clones. I clipped them from their mother last ten days ago. Put them in Rockwool cubes and they sat in a dome since then- with the temps swinging from 85-95 and the humidity at 75-85%. They are in a 3x4 grow tent and getting a 18/6 light cycle. I also have a heat mat set for 75. I am using a sensorpush and monitored everything pretty closely. Anyway, one clone has really started to show roots- they are about 1/2 inch long; while the others still haven’t shown any roots but are starting to turn their leaves yellow so I’m hoping it is soon. I started to open the vents to the dome 1/2 inch today and half inch tomorrow etc. I also ph my water at 6.5 when I spray the dome or when I sprayed the clones.
    So my question is this: Do I need to plant the clone showing the roots ASAP or can it wait until others start to show before planting them into Fox Farm Ocean Soil? When I transplant the clone do I still need to keep it warm or should I set up another light? My thought was to plant all of them and set up a Stronger light I have (Meizhi 300 w, then when they get bigger move onto transplanting them again to another bigger pot and changing the light to my 320w QB. What do you guys think?

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  2. I’m presently using one T5 25w on four clones

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