Clone pics, week after being in new pots

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by DevilRed, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. Here are a few pics of some young ladies of mine (white widow's) They have been rooting for just over two weeks now and in the new larger buckets for just over a week now.

    They seem to be growing great! For the wimpy light set up im told I have they are growing nice and full and healthy

    -70whps, 200 floro's (150w worth of growing floro's), small 6" fan running 4-7 hours a day.

    Lightin- Floro's 27/7, HPS 20/7, Room is 3'x4'x7' approx, water as needed.

    Ive just pinched the tops on these yesterday

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  2. pic2

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  3. pic 3
    The stick is so I can tell how much they are growing. I mark it weekly.

    Also the pics are outside. On nice super sunny days like today I put them outside for a couple hours to soak up some real sunshine and fesh air. Both these plants I hope to get a bunch of clones off and then harvest in Late Dec, or Jan.

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  4. MMMMMMM very nice DevilRed...very green and healthy. Great job and keep doing what your doing.
  5. Thanks fella's. Everything is due to tips and pointers from the experts in here.

    Man, its gonna be a shame to harvest these girls. They are like children to me, I check on them all the time, baby and pamper them.

    Ill post some more pics when they show some more marked growth.

    I should have to raise my lights im guessing in a couple days

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