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  1. Here's a pic of a clone I had but I decided to pull it out before it formed roots, the cutting if you notice has yellowish callusing on the bottom tip this forms just prior to micro roots forming.

    Recipe for a Clone. (You will need the following)

    Single edge razor or exacto knife(extremly sharp for cutting)
    ****Note don't use same razor on different mother plants, this is so you don't transport pathogens or viruses to other plants, use new razor for each mother even if it is the same strain.

    Rooting Hormone(Rootone, or Miracle Grow, or Roottech)
    *** This will be in either powder or gell form***

    Plastic tray to hold standing water and your rooting squares, plugs, or plastic seedling squares(usually have 4 to 6 empty spots to fill with perlite).

    Perlite( coarse or extra coarse for plenty of air to help form roots) Or you might try rooting squares like rockwool plugs)

    HOW TO CUT---
    First step is to pour the perlite in the empty squares filling to top. ( I rinse the perlite first to get rid of all white process dust)****Never Breathe the dust from perlite harmful to lungs*****
    If your using rooting squares or plugs soak them in water to evenly moisten

    Place your flat of perlite or rooting squares in plastic try add your standing water about an inch of water should do

    Prepoke the holes that you will be inserting your clones into making sure the holes are big enough to slide clone in without distubing the stem or the powder or gell that adheres to the clone.

    Select growing shoots to cut and make a 45 degree angle cut, take about a 5 to 6 inch clone with about 4 -6 internodes.
    **You can cut the big fan leaves on your clone( Do not cut leaf off completely just enough so the blades length are in half)** This is done so the cutting can retain more moisture**

    After the cut is made immediately place the cut stem into your desired rooting hormone( cover or dip the stem that will be placed into root cubes so that there's about 1inch and a half of hormone on the stem) Quickly place the cut clone in your medium or root cube( Make sure the stem goes almost all the way to the bottom of your rooting cube, the stem must be deep enough so it is submerged in the standing water)

    Continue this process until you have filled your whole tray, the more cuttings the better selection you have to pick the healthiest most vigorous clones

    When you have finished and all clones are taking give the cuts a light misting of straight water for the first 24 hrs atfter the cuts have been taking. This is done to minimize shock and keep moiture levels up on tender cuts.**** Don't mist cuts after that or you'll run into leaf rot and moldy dying leaves YUCKY***.

    Keep the cuttings in the standing water for the first week( 7 days)The next week is when the cuts form the roots so empty the standing water out at this point. Keep the cuts medium moist not sopping wet( 2 much water or leaving them in standing water after the first 7 days will run you into root rot)
    Remember only moist medium for the last week.

    From my experiences I notice decent roots forming at 10 to 12 days, but for optimum roots leave in moist medium for the full 2 weeks(especially if you use the Sea of Green method because everything is usually on a 2 week schedule.)

    After the 2 weeks palce your newly rooted clone into your favorite medium soil or Hyrdoton rocks if you use hydro.

    Good luck and keep trying(trial and error),

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  2. This is a cut from a Bluethunder mother. The little black line is there to show how much of the stem goes into the rooting medium.

  3. i use the micro cloning technique from Overgrow. seems to work good:)

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