Clone Overwatered?

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  1. Just got this clone, have donw given it any water yet. The cube is moist and theres condensation inside so there seems to be dece humidity.
    Are they drooping because of too much moisture?
    or too little water?
    or is it just the cup or the fact that its most likely a fresh clone?
    Looks like there are signs of new growth but its slumped downward and not up toward the light,
    Any info or tips would be appreciated.


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  2. Only thing that girl needs is some soil.
  3. should I wait for roots to poke through the cube before i transplant into soil?
    Thanks for the reply, I had another thread with clone issues, that didn't get any responses and I ended up over watering it and then my gf assumed it was a lost cause and canned it. Being very careful with this one, and by careful I mean, not touching the plant when its not needed LOL.
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    Roots don't like the light, your working against yourself by keeping it in that clear cup, and are you saying you can't see roots?
  5. Ya, I cannot see roots from what I can see.
  6. I'm thinking it might be a PH prob, because the clone smells like Hydrogen peroxidey or a little like alcohol. 
    I really hope it just fixes itself. I don't have a PH tester

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