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    Hello : )

    Long time. I have a question: say I've got a decent plant (a Jack Herrer female) and it is, well, small, about a foot high, not too good looking but healthy, approximately 6 months old. It has been cloned from a JH female that had sprouted from a seed. Now, this first clone was intended to be a mother plant, but it's a little too shabby. I've made 3 clones from it, and they are all looking good (after almost 3 days). I was thinking of turning one of them into a mother plant (this would be a clone of a clone of a plant germinated from a seed), and clone my future grows from it, until I can get my hands on some nice new genetics.

    Is this a good plan? From what little I know of biology and botanics, the further you go down this chain of clones descended from other clones, the weaker the plants become. Am I right?

    It's just that I am not too crazy about ordering seeds over the net. I will do it if I have no choice, but if I can avoid it, all the better.

    (BTW - it is very dry, canna-wise, now, in my ridiculous excuse for a country. But in 10 hours I'll receive some ganja a friend has gotten for me, possibly with not too bad genetics. I truly hope it contains some seeds : ) If so, I'll just scratch my seed ordering plans)

    What would you recommend?

  2. Its exactly the same plant, exactly the same gentics, all the way down the clone "family tree":smoke:

    What country are you from?
  3. I see. Thanks : )

    I'm from Israel.....

    Another question, if I may - in their first week or two, clones are supposed to be kept in a closed plastic box (transparent, of course), to retain moisture. Is the box supposed to be closed hermetically, or should I maybe poke a few ventilation holes in it? And if so, what size and how many holes should I make? The box is about a foot & a half in diameter, height: 8 inches.
  4. Cloning box's or "humidity Domes" Usuually have holes to allow fresh air, they're at the base of the dome tho, not at the top.

    The humidity domes i've seen have all had 4 holes, one on each side of the rectangular shaped hood, close to the base. They've also had small sliding components that can be used to close the holes.

    I have a horrible track record with clones, so probably not the best person to be giving advice on humidity domes :eek:
  5. I've seen one in a picture in a local grow guide - quite a decent one, actually. It had holes. My plants have been doing fine without them, maybe 'cause I have 3 small plants in a relatively large dome that could easily house 9 plants. It's round, BTW : ). But I'll drill a couple in mine, when I get up. I'm like an overprotective parent with them. Won't leave the house for more than 12 hours, won't stay with friends overnight, for fear of things going bad with the clones. Open it every ~12 hours to freshen the air and spray them with distilled water. Also spray the top of the soil, to keep it from getting dry. My track record with clones has not been too good, but mostly 'cause I've been too sloppy and disorganized. Now I think I've got my act together : ) Thanks for all the info! FR
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    Well, I've now got a supply of bagseed that will last me for as long as it can survive the shelf. Or, maybe, the fridge? What is the best way to store seeds?

    I will definitely try to preserve my JH strain, through cloning - seem to have finally gotten the hang of it : ) But I'll use the bag seed instead of ordering online, 'cause ordering online makes me too nervous. Not the order placement process itself. we've got anonymous CCs here too. You can get'em at the post office. I went there and almost got me one, but one elderly clerk was hard at work to convince me they were not good for purchasing over the net from foreign businesses. I went home and checked again, and on the post office site it was clearly state they were, in fact, intended for international use as well. This is not the first time I have to fight PO personnel's ignorance and stupidity. Horrible. And don't even get me started on the bureaucracy. Had a package of ethnobotanics delivered to me by express mail (I took the offer to get it delivered express for the same price). It actually took me more time & effort to get that "express package", 'cause I had to wrest it from the dirty little hands of the "express delivery department" that only delivered the packages during work hours (to take a day off work to get my package? Insane.....

    Anyways, enough bitchin' : )
  7. The current plants I have are from two year old seeds. Keep your seeds in a paper envelope or a zip lock bag (plastic bag). Then place the envelope in a small box. Place the box in a refrigerator. Keep it air tight and keep it moist free.

    I got some seeds way back in 2007 (white widow from nirvana) and several months ago it got germinated no problem, and ended up as monster girls.

    Sorry to hear things are not working out for you at this moment: the best thing you can do is reading and researching more about mj plant. The more you know, the more power to you.

    Good luck!
  8. HTML:
    Actually, things are looking up.
    I've got two Jack Herrer females in decent condition + 3 clones all of which are looking good.
    Gonna take a few more clones from the 2 females, then put them on the fast lane for 
    flowering, together will any of the clones that rurvive except 1 - the future mother plant.
    With just a little luck, all 3 will make it.
    God seeds - I'm planting 18 tomorrow, hoping to get ~6 females out of this, or 4 at least.
    My HPS cabinet will go online in a week, and then I will replant the 2 females into 10 litre
    pots and move them to quick vegetative. Hopefully, after a month of veg I'll switch them
    to flowering (mid July).
    I got 80 litres of good potting soil, which, with pearlite & humus will give me 100 litres of
    soil. Friday was a great success, I went to a plant nursery and got a long lecture, plus
    the good soil & pearlite, from the very nice man who works there / owned the joint.
    I think I know now why the previous soil I used gave me such problems.
    So, only down side to the whole thing is that I will not be able to enjoy the fruit of my
    labour until the end of August or the beginning of September.
    I'll live : )

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