Clone/monster cropped transplant question!?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Froskii420, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. I’ve took a clone from my flowering master kush plant a few weeks and it’s started to revert back to veg! Anyways my question is when I come to transplant it can I bury some of the stalk in the new pot as it’s really lanky.. or will it cause the stem to rot? Ty [​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Mind if I ask how you went about taking the cutting from the mother plant and into those solo cups? Did you cut and just stick them into that medium or did you wait for it to root?
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  3. Bury it when it comes time. I monster crop and clone directly in soil.
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  4. Literally just cut it off at about 45 degree mate then straight into a cup of water for a few seconds. then I scraped some of the outa stem of with a sharp blade and dipped it in my rooting powder, then in to my soil! 85w cool cfl running on it 24hr and watered about every 2days. I did it with 3 cuts.. one died and I chucked it. One rooted a hell of a lot under the soil but not really doing much on top (also looks like it’s got a cal or something else deficiency) not bothered tho just did it to see if I could lol! But the one in my original first post might even make it to the grow room next time!..... the 3 cuts I took —-> [​IMG]
  5. I’ve heard they go crazy with colas everywhere.. plus topping aswell haha, but guess thats why it’s called monster cropping

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  6. I agree; why transplant now, unless it's root bound or something The stalk doesn't look all that lanky and it's going to be a while before she puts on any weight. Plus, the extra stress of transplant now may make things worse. Perhaps some kind of small "crutch" you can stick into the soil for support? :confused_2:
  7. I'm not a fan of topping amymore. I used to be. Lst gives the same results only better.
  8. I know im not transplanting it yet theres only a small root system lol. Asking more out of curiosity. But TY tho :D
  9. iwas gunna try give it like 16 main colas
  10. That's only a couple bent branches as opposed to several topping and the loss of already formed tops
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  11. im guessin it dosent slow growth as much either
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