clone lookes died

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  1. i cloned yesterday i used rooting gel and it is light mix soil by bio bizz. i got up this morning and it looks deid all droopy and fell over is this normal i keep misting it and make sure the aoil is moist. is this normal i do not want this to die
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    roots to develop 5 - 14 days to develop, give it more time.

    Found a great video on cloning give it a look see.

    [ame=]YouTube - How to Clone Cannabis Plants[/ame]

    The video says to cut at a 45 degree angle i would go ahead and cut it on the biased to make sure you have more surface area for roots to develop. The rest of the video is pretty solid though.

  3. Buy or build a aerocloner like the one in the video. I've never lost a clone in one. Build it today. Take those clones out of the soil and let rood structure develop first.

    I tried the clone directly into grow media (75% light warrior 25% Roots 707) method outlined in the 2009 High Times Grow Guide. I was extremely unimpressed. About 85% failure rate compared to Zero failures in the cloner. The plants didn't die, but they never started to develop any roots at all. I simply took them out of the pots and stuck them in the cloner like I should have done to begin with.
  4. If you're growing in soil, use peat pellets for cloning. My last run, 31 of 32 clones survived.

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