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  1. So i basically finished my clone/mother box tonight, and will finish putting in the lighting tomorrow probably. But before i can put it to use, i was wondering, will two 26 watt cfl's be enough light for 5-10 clones while they root? Also, how far above the humidity dome should the lights be? Thanks guys.
  2. Without a doubt. I am using two 26W CFL's on my clones right now. I believe I have 9 clones going right now but could have 2x that many without a problem. Your dome should be at least 2-3" above at least to start out and probably no more than 8" from the tops. Anywhere in between is fine. Clones do not need much light to start out. They do however need to be sprayed with water frequently. I spray mine 3-4x per day. 2x per day would probably be enough. One day I went without spraying them and they all started drooping over, shortly after giving them a good spray, they popped back up. Also, if you are using rockwool, it doesn't need to be soaked 24/7. The leaves should be misted and the dome should be humid, but try not to keep the cubes soaked 24/7 if you can help it. My clones are on day 8 and looking great. Good luck!
  3. Thanks man. That really helped. I plan to spray them a few times a day because i live in a hot dry desert climate with no humidity. I plan to put the clones under 12/12 as soon as they root, my next question is would some 16oz party cups be big enough to transplant them into, or should i got for something more like the size of a two liter bottle cut in half, or even a thrid? I have room for either in my flowering box. Also, i plan to clone in peat pellets using rootone rooting hormone.
  4. I would also strongly suggest using a seedling heat mat, as it aids in cloning success much better.

    I just use a single light strip with 2 T5 bulbs & a humidome. Keep the lights around 4in. from the top of the humidome.

    Keep the nutes very light, change the water in the tray every other day, & get some Root Tech & Hygrozyme. They will both aid in cloning substantially. I would also use Rapid Rooters to clone in. They hold just the right amount of water. Keep em' moist, but not wet.

    DO NOT pull on the clones to see if they have rooted for at least 9 days. If you pull on the clones too early, you may break any tender roots that are trying to spread out & take hold.

  5. Thanks again for the help, love gc! right now im going to try to keep things are cheap and simple as possible. I have a smaller dome, and only plan to clone between 5-10 at a time, before they go into flower. As for the heat pad, it gets really hot here anyways so heat shouldnt be a worry, my apt gets to about 84-87 at times. I hope to cut my first clones today!
  6. one 11 watt cfl is plenty of light while your waiting on them to root. you want them focusing energy on making roots, not photosenthysis under bright lights. that would be pointless until they have roots.

    they need very little light at this stage.

  7. ok, i have a few 15 watt cfl's also, which i will put in place of the two 26 watt ones. That will also help cut down on my total watts used and keep my electric bill down too.
  8. would 16oz solo cups be big enough to transplant them into if they go straight into floweing after they root? or should i use something bigger like a two liter bottle cut in half, or cut down to a third?
  9. no way......I would use gallon pots to be on the safe side. You can go to almost any nursery or grow shop & get either throw-away gallon pots, or you can get 1 gallon grow bags for about 60 cents each.

    It is better to have too much room than too little.

    Plants can easily grow over 1 foot in the flowering process. Even more if it has a lot of Sativa characteristics. A flowering plant that get root bound will impact your harvest. The buds won't get big & tight. They will get airy & loose.
  10. Thanks man, then i will be looking around for something a lil bigger for when i transplant. They have to be kinda small, because i only have about 30 inches across to fit them so i'll let ya know i do.

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