Clone leaves turning a pale yellow *PICS ADDED*UPDATED 10/14

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    New pictures. One looks like it might survive.


    And my little seedling :)

    Old pics



    *edit* Also, my leaves from one of the clones are very, very droopy. The second one seems to be droopy as well, but has less leaves to look at. I would almost think it'd be overwatering if I was in soil. I spray them with water twice a day to keep humidity up, once every other day with the foiliar spray. I live in a very dry enviroment ( desert) and my grow room is dry, sometimes normal. When I first started in the peak of summer, it was dryest. Maybe its time to take the dome off? /Edit

    Hey guys. My clones are almost a week old exactly. I basically have them in a bubble bucket, with a water pump feeding a hose to the side of the rockwool. Germed seeds this way, so figured it would work for clonings. Have 2 liter bottles on top of the plants to try and add to the humidity.

    I have a low ppm solution, and foliar spray every other day with clonex. I noticed yesterday that the leaves are starting to turn a pale yellow. A google search gave me mixed answers. Some posts said this was normal, as the plant is getting roots and now taking nitrogen it needs from the leaves. Other answers indicated it could be a problem.

    Unfortunately, with the way I set it up, I have hydraton on top/around the rockwool cube. I really don't want to mess with the rockwool/hydraton as I have it set up pretty nice right now, and if it is going, wouldn't want to screw it up. But I'm guessing one of the responses will be to see if roots are growing. I just know I killed 4 small plants after they germed by messing around with the rockwool.

    Is this a normal cycle of the clones life indicting they are now ready for nutrients? If so should I use the clonex solution, or go ahead and start with low dosage of vegitation nutes (running General hydro for this grow)?

    Also, if it makes a difference, these clones were taken from a flowering plant. From what I've heard it can take a month or 2 for these guys to revert back to a veg state.
  2. Any ideas?
  3. Well since I have no clue, gonna give them GH's suggested nutes tonight. It'll be about 1.5 ml of each nute per gallon, and they recomend florablend, no clue what it is, gonna get it at the hydro store. Instead gonna add a few ML of clones (Which I believe is pure nitrogen.) Guess we'll see what happens.

    Also, taking the domes off tonight, stopped the water pump for a few hours. They look what I've seen from over watering. Surprised I didn't get one post of advise here from 40+ views, normally this sight is so helpful. One of the 40 has had to seen this before.
  4. whats the ph
  5. Between 5.8 and 6.0. Second grow, so I know how much PH is key.

    Just added GH nutes. PPM around 170 after adding them, my guess, 250 tommorow after the settle. Only thing I can think of is yellow/green leaves that they need nitrogen.

    Moved the hydraton around, didn't see any roots. Humidity domes are off not ( like I said, the droopy leaves look like over watering)
  6. Again, PH IS GOOD! I bought a digital PH meter and cal it every two weeks. Everyo post I make on here people say PH.

  7. maybe cal-mag def try some Epsom salt
  8. dont put water on the leaves.

    it needs humidity not water all over them
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    Plain and simple its a fairly new rooted clone as I see it. The leaves will yellow this is the plant telling you it's callusing up forming roots and need food. Clones are usually older plants and age wise even though the clone is a "new" plant it was still taking from an older momma that is probably need a decent amount of ferts to retain healthy growth and remain green. I have seen similar yellowing but this can be helped by using a professional potting soil that has STARTER nutes for young seedlings. This should green up your cuttings. Or you can do a less than 1/4 strenth seaweed food mixed up in a mistyer spray bottle and mist your rooting medium this will supply a small amount of food and will also help green up the cuttings. After a week -week and a half up to almost a half strenth fert for the next 2 weeks. and little by little build to almost a full strenth feed. GooD LucK
  10. I don't know what happened. Did a low doasage of seedling nutes (basically follong GH feed chart) PPM right around 175-200, PH is good, etc.... I took the domes off assuming they were rooted (never used domes on my seedlings) lights are at least 6 inches away (cut the bottom of a 2 liter bottle. What is left is under the lights, so maybe 8" away now? And one of the clones leaves totally shrivled up mostly, the other one, it might survive cause it had more leaves but the outer ones shrivled up. Put the domes back on. Stopped spraying, etc.... They look even worse now :(

    Will take more pics tomorrow. I do have a couple viable canidates to cloan, also late in flowering so will have to reveg.

    If these die, any tips to make sure the next one's survive? Thinking of building rumples bucket.
  11. I think my clones are dead. Don't even want to post pictures, gonna try again in a few days. I'm not sure if its the removal of the humidity domes, the fact I stopped spraying them even though they looked over watered (Live in a dry region. So Cal desert. Very dry was common on my meter during peaks of summer)

    Oh well, I still have 6 more seeds. Out of 10, 2 grew (my own fault I believe) one looked like shit, and one looked kinda good for the situation. ( Cola pics here first grow, temps got high, CFL lights for a long sativa/etc.....)

    gonna try to clone her again probably, will update pics probably tommorow. Leaves are drying up/dying. Going to the hydro store tomorrow, will proably just pay the money for something.
  12. Updated pics. hoping the clone in the first pic can be saved, pretty sure the one in the second picture is dead.
  13. what kind of nutes are you using you should be using bloom nutes for root growth
  14. Ok, the former female has roots down to deepwater. Shes growing with a lot more leaves than I'm used to (only going from seed) which are turning yellow then dead. Its like shes killing all the nitrogen from the leaves to reveg?

    PPM 195-259 (before gallon of water/after), Foliar spray with clonex.

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