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  1. so hears a pic of my grandaddy purple trainwreck, and its isnt doing well

    im using cfls for lighting, and i have it in a closed of barrel, i havent been maintaing hummidity, mostly becuase ive been looking for a more secure location to start a hydro setup.

    but i dont no whats wrong with this plant, i gave it a lil more water, moved it farther from the light and even have been taking the lid of every couple hours for more ventaliation

    any ideas

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  2. how long since you took the clone?
    I'm having issues with mine too. One is nearly 2 weeks old and is just barely holding its own...the others are 1 week old and thoroughly unhappy. I coated the stems heavily in root hormone, and have misted them at every opportunity when the leaves are dry. They perked a tiny bit when I removed the bottom most leaves.

    Has anyone tried 'air rooting'? tying peat moss at the place that you want to take the cutting and keeping the moss moist until you see roots, then cutting? I really want to have a robust clone before I set the girls to flower

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  3. I am going to assume that the clone is rooted.

    A few problems here.

    First, you are suffering from some sort of nutrient deficiency or toxicity. Tough to tell from the pic. Check out this thread for more info...

    I think your biggest problem though is your soil and container.

    First, what type of soil is that? It doesn't appear to have any drainage at all. Roots need oxygen. Soil with the proper amendments is very important (see vermiculite and or perlite).

    Second, I see that you are growing in a party cup. Did you put drainage holes in it?

    Good luck.

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